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12 Week Scan Pic - Nub Theory??



After commenting on the nub theory thread yesterday I couldn't help wondering so thought I'd add a scan piccy and see what you ladies thought! I'm intrigued to see everyone elses too so feel free to add!



  • Nice piccy MrsM, though have to say think bubs is not flat enough to flash the nub! Really clear profile of the face though, love that!!


  • It is a brilliant profile of the face! The nub theory is beyond me though! I must post a pic of my scan and see what you ladies think. My hubby also got a brilliant video on his phone image
  • I love the fact baby's arms are up near his/her face! One is behind their head lol. See I didn't think you could see the nub as baby is on a funny angle with crossed legs. I'm useless at it though lol. I'm surprised we got such a good piccy as baby didn't stop moving!

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