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Hey hunni of corse its the hi bebe fetal doppler, they are on ebay loads and you can get them for around £30 second hand, so worth it. Iv orderd a sonaline b which is the same and has just as good of feedback. hopefully getting it tomorrow so will let you know if i think it works as well first link is the one my friend has that im using now the other is the one iv orderd

anything else u wana ask feel free image xxx


  • thats all understandable hun. I got the sonaline b one as i won it on auction on ebay, its 2nd hand. I should be recieving it tomorrow so i will test both out and tell you what one i think is best. 

    the bidding starts at 15. it will go up in price they go for anything from 20 to 35ish, depends what you wana pay, they range from 60 to 100 brand new xxx

  • Be interested to hear how you get on, I am seriously considering buying one although I am worried it will make me more paranoid!



  • I will let you all know tomorrow. just start watching them on ebay to get an idea how much they go for xx

  • I have anawiz, around 35 on Amazon I think when I bought it in 2010. Never had trouble finding the heartbeat but did use til 14 weeks xx
  • Well ladies doppler arrived nice and early image (this is the sonalone b doppler)

    I have to say review, not as slender as the hi bebe, but this one has the lcd screen to show babies heart beat count. turned it on and found the connection was pretty poor but that might just be my one in particular. I have to say tho wow, duno if it was luck but found babies hb straight away and i didnt even need a full bladder or to press hard. heres a photo for you all. it did reach 170 at one point to. I certainly have an active baby. 

    I do still recomend the hi bebe to as it is just as good image x



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