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Late to the party

Hiya, just wanted to come on and say hi, and hopefully join in with the chat! 

I'm due 30th October and am 20 weeks pregnant today. I have my scan on Monday. I also have a daughter called Georgia who was born 2nd May 2012.




  • hi bianx congrats are you going to find out what your having?  i have 4 boys and a girl 3, im 24weeks 5days pregnant with a girl due 1st oct x

  • Hi hun and welcome! I'm 20 weeks too and my LO was born April 2012, so we'll have a similar age gap! Best of luck tomorrow let us know how you get on xxxx

  • I have my scan tomorrow and will find out. Last time we didn't but I'd like to this time!!

    Cantwait4lo's, my DD was due 20th April but arrived 2 weeks late in May. We have a FB page for our old due in thread!


    thanks ladies for the welcome - it's quite quiet in here!! Xxx

  • I was the other way around, was due start of May but LO came early at end of April! It is quiet in here, cos we r all on the fb group, I think admin has sent you a freind request so you can join the group! Looking forward to seeing you on there! x

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