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So we have all agreed to use this forum more as some ladies will think we are all boring to be using facebook all the time. So im starting a thread to see what everyone has bought or is planning to buy. We only really need a bed for my son and to buy new clothes for our baby girl. but was curious if anyone has started stocking up on anything yet, like nappies or breast pads?

I only have one pack of nappies and thats what the MIL bought, but i plan to buy pampers, and i also found morrisons nappies never leaked. I prefered huggies for when there older though. 

Breast pads ladies is a must particularly for those who want to breast feed. I breast fed for 11 months and loved it, but i found you had to have decent breast pads as some of the cheapo ones leaked to quickly. I have to say out of all the many breast pads i used its got to be avent and tomee tippee.

I just need to keep an ear out for when there on offer image 


  • We have a girl and are expecting a boy so we need to buy boy versions of some things. I'm glad we kept the nursery quite neutral as very few things will need to be replaced, just the curtains and a lamp really.

    I've bought an electric steriliser as I'm hoping it will be a bit easier than the microwave one was. We used tommee tippee bottles and had no problems, but Jess wasn't a colicky baby so I think she'd be fine whatever, I'm hoping this baby is as good with teats! I only use bottles for expressed milk and maybe one formula bottle a day though.

    Other than that, I'm mainy just going to aim to not go shopping crazy this time round!



  • hi dani. well i have just ordered my pram but will keep at my mums untill shes born. bought some pampers nappies and baby wipes yesterday as they on offer at tesco and although i keeped my daughters things i did buy a couple of cute dresses couldnt help it eeek.       25weeks 3days x

  • Hi Ladies,

    I'm nearly 23 weeks with twin boys & am almost size I was when gave birth to my little boy!! We've ordered cot bed (son still in his as on 20 months & going to wait until twins are 4 months old before movng him to junior bed and will move twins to cots at 6months or later), crib, new mattresses for all, second moses basket. Have bought breast pads, maternity pads & few bits for my hospital bag as they recommend packing bags from 25 weeks with twins. Also sorted car seats. Need to buy some tiny baby clothes in anticipation of early birth/smaller babies. Have got some nappies. Also my mum buys 2 packs of wipes a week to give us & my nan buys pack of nappy sacks a fortnightimage. We think we've chosen pram - seriously expensive business for a double travel system! I want babies facing me for first 6 months & side by side as want to have eye contact etc. Hope to buy this before long.

    Hope everyone is doing well.

    Lou Louimage

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