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why do some people think they can say what they like to you just because your sick of people up the school saying i see your having another isnt the 5 you have enough etc well surley i should be able to do what i want with my life. im a 35 year old grown woman who has been with her husband 20 years.we love having a big family we look after them and dont claim benefits my hub works hard. the other thing is the your bumps big/small for the weeks you are.... how rude you wouldnt go up to a stranger and say your bums big for the the rest of your body or your nose is to small.. thats better rant over lol. hope you ladies all good     25weeks 5days pink bump xx


  • People like to have an opinion don't they, f**k them I say. U dont have to justify urself to anyone they're obviously not too happy in their own lives if they've got the time to comment on urs! X

  • bless you hun, iv felt like ranting alot the past week everything is making me hormonal. I hate people talking rubish sometimes there better keeping there opinions to themselves. 

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