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Anyone Suffering?


I've had terrible nausea this week that has lasted day and night. I feel absolutely exhausted - I'm struggling so much at work. I have a stressful job (Accountant) and I am being called to meetings left, right and centre and there is nothing worse than sitting in a room full of people feeling so ill and not being able to say a word.

I'm also getting over a nasty chest infection so that probably doesn't help...





  • Me!! I am only 5 weeks and 1 day and have had the most terrible heartburn since before I even found out I was PG. The other day I pretty much felt starving one minute and then had such bad heartbrun I felt sick! Also got a pretty stressful job at the moment and a toddler who doesn't sleep!

    It will all be worth it!! But i certainly didn't feel this bad last time so early!

  • Oooh and the constipation . . . . . . image and the headaches . . . . . . .image

  • Yep - I have a toddler that doesn't sleep too, and I don't remember feeling this bad last time either.

    Luckily no headaches yet (touchwood)


  • I'm totally knackered and feel sick as a dog! Boobs have stopped hurting for now but nipples feel sunburnt! Ah the joys of pregnancy!
  • Oh sounds like you've been suffering choc muffin, hope at least the chest infection buggers off soon! oh and I replied to your other post x

    I'm still waiting for massive yuckiness, just have tender boobs, tiredness n odd tastes at the mo

  • I have really sore boobs and tiredness is killing me!! I am non stop all day with my two wee ones and dead on my feet at 6.30 ( bedtime!) I don't have any sickness this time hope I stay as I am. X
  • I had really bad nausea last week and this week it has eased a lot. Only thing now I'm worried its eased. Took us a year to finally get our BFP and now I'm so paranoid something will go wrong. I don't have as much of an appetite as usual and my boobs are still sore n heavy so hopefully I may bypass the morning sickness n my first trimester will be fine. Can't remember how much nausea I had with my DS I remember feeling sick but can't remember for how long. I've got to stop analysing!!!! Just wish the first scan would hurry the hell up! Hope ur nausea eases up soon chocolatemuffin xx
  • Ergh I am feeling rough today!!!!! Constant nausea all day and a banging headache image

  • Sorry not been on for a day or too ladies, I've been feeling so exhausted and sick couldn't even muster the energy to log on.

    Sorry you are feeling rough snugglerush...... image

    I never felt this bad first time round. I feel sick all day and night. went to bed last night at 9pm and slept more or less straight through til LO woke up at 6am and I still feel shattered. I can't be bothered to do anything - my house looks like a tip haha.

    Minieggs - read your reply, can't believe its you - you bet me to it last time I was TTC image



  • I also never felt this bad last time chocolatemuffin - the only way I can describe it as is hungover. I feel like I have been up all night drinking. I am exhausted, dehydrated, headachey, nausous and dizzy constantly!! 


  • I had terrible sickness last time, like constant travel sicknesses if that makes sense? I tried everything, all the usual remedies but nothing worked. I used to just lie on the floor of the toilets at work it was so bad image the only thing that helped me was phenergen tablets prescribed by the doctor so I would recommend them to anyone suffering! I'm definitely going to ask the midwife for a prescription of them just in case at my booking in app!
  • This is my first baby and you have all just made me feel a million times better.... the constant tiredness, the headaches etc is all NORMAL image 

    So far (touch wood, fingers crossed) no morning sickness though!

  • just some back pain, sore boobs and super tired.

  • well i've still got the all day sickness - and my boobs are seriously on fire!!!! Had none of this with my first!!

  • oh no sn poor u.

    not pg related but I've got a sore throat and aches, horrid when you can't dose up. I'm avoiding taking paracetamol as long as possible.

  • Oh God - the vomiting has started. Been feeling since 4 weeks but not been sick but yesterday on the bus home I had to get off 20 minutes early to hurl all over the bus stop image Then this morning I had my standard toast and cup of tea and brought that all up too. Funny thing is last time i didn't have any nausea but started being sick every morning from exactly 8 weeks. So just the same again. I reckon it's another pesky boy in there!!

  • has anyone had a little cramps and a little spotting (super light pink in the morning) at 5 weeks?

  • i haven't had spotting but lots of cramping since about 5 weeks. Did last time too xx

  • hmm just checked inside my vagina (tmi!) and it was a little brown. Waiting to hear back from the doc.

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