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Hi ladies, was wondering if any of you have any cravings yet?

I never had any with my first, im only 6weeks with my second and i have a awful craving for TUNA. I have NEVER ate sea food, and dont really intend to, i just cant stop thinking about it!!

Has anybody got/had cravings this early on?!?



  • my cravings started at 8 weeks and my first craving was fish also lol salmon and tuna image

    Im now craving yougart im eating them like its going out of fashion!

  • Last time I craved dairylea triangles - could eat a whole box full....and I never normally eat them. And pasta. Again not a huge pasta fan normally but couldn't get enough of it. This time i've reverted back to eating pickled chillis and pickled onions on mass to help with the nausea. Only downside is i wake up the next day feeling like i've eaten a vindaloo :/.

    don't forget you can only have 2 cans of tuna a week Hannahimage xx

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