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Feeling really fatūüėĒ

Hi guys, in soooooo glad this thread has finally opened up, been waiting impatiently the last 3 weeks to talk to ppl in da same boat as me???? I just wanted to ask if it was neone else's 4th pregnancy maybe? But even if it's not I just wanted to ask if nebody else was feeling really fat and bloated and tired and just down in the dumps?!?! baby was well planned and eagerly awaited for.......but I just feel like crap and then feeling really guilty. Pls sumbody reply as I've already posted similar threads on other topic areas and nobody replied????


  • Morning! I hear ya lol this my third baby and I am look abot 4monyhs! I also feel really fed up n really tired!

    Congrats n welcome to group x
  • Thanku for replying, n thanx for ur comments. I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling bigger than normal. I suppose it doesn't help that I had a but if a belly before, but now I'm only 7 weeks Tom n my clothes r tight n I luk 6 months pregnant!!!

    I feel fed up too, I feel like I've been pregnant for 5 months cos that's how long we had been trying, but I've only gotten to 7 weeks, lol. Does that sound silly?
  • Think al post a pic later once I have a min to take one! I had a mc back in may at 8weeks n feel like av been holding my breath from then so get what u mean!

  • Hiya, I'm not on no4 just no2 but wanted to reply! Think we all imagine we look worse than we do. I'm quite slim but I've been eating so much I keep looking in the mirror and not being impressed as to me it looks as if there's too much there! Don't think any woman is ever 100% happy with her body, especially during pregnancy even early stages! x
  • well¬†i¬†have¬†defo¬†put¬†on¬†weight.¬†i¬†have¬†gained¬†two¬†and¬†a¬†quarter¬†inches¬†around¬†my¬†tummy¬†even¬†though¬†everyone¬†has¬†said¬†its¬†too¬†early¬†for¬†that.¬†other¬†then¬†that¬†i¬†have¬†no¬†symptoms¬†other¬†then¬†few¬†cramps¬†in¬†my¬†sides¬†and¬†low¬†tummy. 11st¬†baby¬†so¬†Dnt¬†have¬†previous¬†experience¬†to¬†go¬†by.¬†x¬†

  • 1st¬†baby¬†not 11stone¬†Lmao¬†sorry.¬†predictive¬†text¬†x¬†

  • Lol, hi messy!!!! I believe ur due a day before me!!!!! That's exciting, it's my fourth pregnancy but it mite aswell b my first the way I'm feeling........I'm so nervous n anxious n totally forgotten wat happened in my last pregnancies.......I dnt mean this in a horrible way but I'm so glad I'm not the only one putting on weight so early in the pregnancy!!!!!! *big hug* ????
  • Hiya no2 for me. First pg I was massivly bloated at 5 weeks and looked 4 months gone .. this time im a bit heavier than last time so not noticing much yet ! Also moods up n down like a yoyo ! Angry sad then happy n excited ...
  • This is number 2 and I bloated very quickly too like Stace but then it slimmed back down a bit around 12 weeks.

    I hadn't noticed the bloat to be honest - until today!!! All of a sudden i am bloaty and peeing every 5 minutes it seems ha! 

    I have an enlarged uterus anyway which i didn't have last time so defo expect to be showing sooner.

  • Well unfortunately my hubby doesn't understand the concept of "bloating" and thinks in over eating using pregnancy as an excuse???? and my diabetic team keep putting me down abt my eating habits........I'm all for eating healthy n I try, but they're really pushing it, and they're really limiting the amount if food I can eat, I mean HELLO, IM PREGNANT WITH CRAVINGS!!!!!
  • Me too! I look massive! I was overweight anyway but my stomach actually looks like i'm about 6 months pregnant. I dug my old mat trousers out yesterday........

    I was desperate to get pg with baby no2 but like you I feel a bit fed up. I think for me its the thought of struggling through work for the next 5 weeks feeling like this.

    I have a stressful job and an asre of a boss who treats me like rubbish and just keeps piling on the work, as well as looking after a team myself who don't give me a minutes peace all day.

    It also doesn't feel real at all - with my first I was exctited from the moment I found out - this time I feel a bit numb like it's not happening. Hormones eh?!


  • Baby number two... Feel bloody huge, but i think its mre bloating and the fact i cannt stop eating image im really nervous this pregnancy as ad. Bad time with firtst, scan problems and birth problems, but im just trying to enjoy it image xxx
  • Hi, this is my first and I'm glad to see I'm not the only one feeling fat, I wasn't as slim as I'd like anyway, but now feel huge and already struggling with some of my trousers, didn't think I was eating that much, so maybe it's just bloating. Due about 10th sept, but not had first check up yet so not 100% sure. All a bit of a shock was only trying for a month.
  • Baby number 2 for me, i have an 11month old so was still carrying 'baby weight' from him, i feel massive!! awfully massive, like chocolate muffin i was overweight before getting pregnant this time anyway, and at 6ft tall i look like a massive rolling ball image
    i put on a whopping 5stone in my last pregnancy, determined not to be that FAT this time!! xxx

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