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Terrified please help?

I just found out Im about 6 weeks pregnant.  Its my first, Im 21 years old, and I am absolutely terrified of miscarrying.  I have been getting period pains, and some uncomfortable stomach cramps on and off.  I had pink-ish blood in my undwewear for about 30 minutes after me and my partner had sex a couple of days ago. Im eating a lot of lettuce, Im drinking a lot of orange juice, and Im taking Pregnacare vitamins with omega 3, folic acid, zinc etc.  Im so scared I will miscarry our baby image


  • You need to try to relax, easier said than done. But some cramps can be normal because of the shifting around in there and sometimes after sex you can have little bleeds. Just monitor symptoms and any blood and if it becomes bad pains and heavier bleeding go straight to the doctors. But I'm sure everything will be fine, take care and try to enjoy the first trimester of you pregnancy image x
  • I had cramping pains with first ... its your body stretching and getting ready to grow the baby ... and sometimes u can bleed after sex .. try and relax and speak to gp for some reassurance! Xx
  • Cramping is normal - had it with my first and now again with my second. I know the first trimester is a scary time but really try to relax and think positively.
  • I;m here with you, 4 weeks.

  • and I just went to the restroom and wiped and saw a little tiny pink discharge, not too happy about that. 

  • Hey hun! with my first i had such bad cramps I used to wake up sweating. And as for a but of pink after sex - that is also perfectly normal. Really try not to worry yourself. I am pretty crampy this time too.


  • Hi, how are you doing today?

  • hi minie, by any chance hace you had any spotting?

  • Hi Lucia, no I haven't, have read lots of ladies get it though, have you had anymore?

  • Checked this morning only see it when I put my finger inside with a paper towel and it's super light salmon color... after I do that I cramp a little, should I wait for my app on feb 11th or go to the doc?

  • Hi Lucia, sorry just seen your message. If you are worried you could ring your doc for reassurance but hopefully all will be fine x 

  • G/C but wanted to offer reassurance.  Your pregnancy hormone makes your body extra sensitive so touching your cervix (sex/fingering) can cause it to bleed.  I bled a 15wk light period with my youngest which scared me but every scan/check came out fine and she was born healthy one week after her due date.

  • thank you so much!

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