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Getting anxious??

I am 7 weeks today, and 2 days ago I had an emergency scan at the hospital as I had been having bad pains.  The doctor said things lookd okay, we saw the heartbeat! I got my appointment for 22nd March (it could be a later date either) when Im 14/15 weeks.  It seems too long to wait for that! Im so scared that something will happen between now and then?? How will I know if I miscarry? I dont know what the chances are, Im 21 and this is my first baby


  • I am in the same boat, 5 weeks, have seen minor spotting and my app is feb 11th and can't wait! I am also terrified of not finding a heartbeat!! But if the doc says everything is ok I would be at peace image

  • DarHernan - you NEED to calm down hun. THere is nothing you can do apart from enjoy your pregnancy. If the doctors were worried then they would have you in for another scan sooner than that. 


  • I know it's hard but really try and chill. I'm sure everything will be fine. The trouble is you can have one scan, feel fine for a day then start worrying to death again. It's best to try and relax and enjoy being pregnant.
  • How will I know if something goes wrong before I go back to the hospital? I dont wanna get my scan at 14/15 weeks and them to say there's no heartbeat image

  • we can't know, we have to trust God. I am going tomorrow at 5 weeks because I am too anxoius and it's killing me (the spotting, whici is minimal) the receptionist said: "Dr's assistant said you can come tomorrow, there's not a whole lot they can do but you can come" WTF very comforting. 

  • The women who answer the phones in my hospital were so rude too.  I was getting the worst stomach cramps, and I asked her on the phone if they were normal.  She just said 'Ehhh, I dunno', and that was it.  Seeing the heartbeat was really comforting, but to wait until 22nd March is excruciating.  I called them today to ask to change the appointment, telling them I would be 'away' on 22nd March, thinking I would get an earlier appointment but they will just give me a later one

  • Believe me you will know if you have a miscarriage, you bleed properly like AF and mine went from nothing to proper bleeding quickly. I think everyone is scared that when they go for the scan there will be something wrong but all you can do is try not to worry.

    Lucis that is more that I got last month when I had a miscarriage, I was bleeding (not spotting, like AF starting) and was told to cross my fingers and hope it stopped, no early scan no reassurance.
  • I'm so sorry micromonkey, are you from england? I think things work differently in social medicine than in private, here we pay so we get more services, which is one ofthe reasons I hate Obama's plan, but that's a whole diff topic!


    I'm so sorry you had to experience that, any woman who does and moves on deserves my respect. image

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