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How are we all doing/feeling?

Hi ladies. THought i'd do a quick update post! I am 7 weeks tomorrow and the nausea and exhaustion I was feeling seems to have calmed down this weekend. . . .for now at least!! Still get the odd wave of sickness but nowhere near as bad as it was!!

I've been registered with my local hospital - under consultant care cos of my previous csec and am waiting to hear form the midwife for my booking in app.

xHope you are all well.



  • I just have major nipple issues, they feel like they are on fire if touch anything. And I am so exhausted I'm in bed not lomg after my little one. No nausea yet and I had that quite bad last time so hoping it will not be like that this pregnancy. I'm only 5 weeks though.

  • Hi ladies, my cramping seems to have eased today which is a relief and I hope to get a good nights sleep. No sickness yet, fingers crossed that stays away.

  • Hi sn, enjoy your feeling ok weekend, I remember last time mine coming and going in the early days. I'm 6 weeks and just beginning to have slight sickly feelings but I'll take that gladly compared to full on roughness which I hope won't come soon... feeling tired but we have just been away for a hectic weekend! Really wishing the weeks away till scan time as I'm sure everyone is x 

  • Hi,

    Im currently feeling fine, just suffering the nipple agony. Going to tell the doctors today, so quite excited even though they wont care and will only pass my name on to the midwife team.

  • Hi, I just seem to be feeling unbelievably hungry all the time! I have to eat or it turns to feeling sick, apart from that all good! Its completely different to my first though x
  • Ah yes nipple agony and like you boo I am constantly hungry!! I thought we weren't meant to be eating for two yet!! 

    THe exhaustion has hit me again today with being back at work - in fact its 8pm now and I am v tempted to just go to bed!!

  • oh and the back ache has begun!! Had this v bad last time image in fact it was the only bad bit about my pregnancy. 

  • 7 weeks today hooray!! I'm beginning to feel rough though unfortunately image I've had exhaustion for a couple of weeks now, asleep by 9 if I'm lucky, usually earlier!

    The last couple of days I've begun to really suffer from nausea, nothing like with my first pregnancy but its so hard to cope with! I have wondered if its linked to my vitamins I've started taking, as I only started them over the weekend, too much of a coincidence perhaps??

    It's my midwife booking in appointment tomorrow too, woohoo!! Starting to feel real now!!
  • I feel rubbish, constantly tired, feel sick and also feel like the size of a whale, hubby reckons I don't look it, but people at work are already rumbling that I've put weight on. I know it's all normal, just having a bad day I guess. Reckon I'm about 6 weeks, but appointment not until 26th, is that late?
  • 9 weeks today - still feeling exhausted and now being sick alot. Nipples feel like they're sunburnt and jeans are getting very tight!! Just can't wait to find out if everything is ok on the scan so I can start telling (and whinging!) to people!!! For those with LOs already so you feel different this time? This definitely feels different to when I was pregnant with DS. Will be interesting to see if it's a blue or pink bump! x

  • I definitely feel different this time round. Completely different symptoms to last time. Don't know if that means will be getting a blue one this time.
  • Hi ladies, im 10 weeks today and feel like complete and utter doggy do's!!with the itchiest nipples ever...had my booking in appointment now which was nice to look forward to, now scan to look forward to image altho struggling to keep any food down and feel exhausted, anybody knoiw of any sickness pills that u can take during pregnancy?ive tried everything else and nothing works!xxx
  • Hi everyone,

    I am 9 weeks, absolutely over the moon as conceived as a result of IVF. This is our first pregnancy and feel constantly sick have no cravings just sick sick sick. Loving every minute though had 8 week scan last week amazing baby had no arms or legs yet just stumps but the heart was beating so clearly can't wait for the 12 week scan just to see our baby again. 9 months is a bloody long time isn't it image

    Congratulations to everyone, eeek we will all be Mummy's in September image xx

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