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Can I join please?



Got my BFP just over a week ago. I'm 5+1 today. Due around the 28th September. I already have a little girl that was born May 2010 so will be 3 in May.


Feeling the usual mix excitement and nervousness!


Minieggs were you on the due in may 2010 forum cos I seem to remember you username? I was 1st-timer back then? 


  • Welcome and congratulations megs-mum. I am 7 weeks tomorrow - due 16th Sept. I have a little boy born Sep 2010. 


  • Hi megsmum, hope it well? I will be due roughly the same time as you. It's my first bans and have been experiencing a fair bit of cramping, although today it seems to have settled, which is a relief! Cc
  • Hiya, yes I remember you! how are you? and welcome image

  • Hello and Welcome,

    You are due around when I am currently the 25th. I have a little girl too borm March 2010.


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