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Following on from my comment in a previous thread I just wondered what vitamins everyone was taking? Until this weekend I was just taking a folic acid supplement every morning, but I have now taken for 3 days the Seven Seas pregnancy vitamins and the nausea has really kicked in! I just wondered if anyone else experienced this and what vitamins if any you all take? I took pregnacare with the omega 3 supplement throughout my last pregnancy and had terrible, constant nausea which apparently is quite common with that vitamin? I just don't know what to do, sorry for rambling everyone image xx


  • I haven't had any sickness yet and i'm taking pregnacare. But the one without omega. I hadn't heard it can make it worse. Had really bad sickness in last pregnancy and took same then.
  • I'm taking pregnacare original. I'm not convinced a vitamin can have that much effect apart from taking it on an empty stomach. Think maybe a co-incidence that you have started feeling sick now. I've just started feeling sick at 6 weeks and have been taking pregnancare for months!

  • Im not taking anything apart form the folic acid = for some reason my body seems really sensitive to vitamins and ever time i take them i have adverse effects lol. I am sure it's a coincidence but I am just eating well. x


  • I've had a terrible day today, sickness on and off from the minute I woke up and still feeling it now image Snugglenush what effects have you had when taking vitamins? I'm really really struggling at the moment :'-(
  • i'm just taking wilkinson pregnancy vitamins x

  • I'm taking vitamin D and folic acid and just started having a queasy feeling in the evening - but don't think it's related to the tablets x

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