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Newbie x no sickness x

I'm 7 wks Tomo due 20th September but with my 1st I was really ill all the time then with my second I was feelin sick but wasn't just gagged a lot this one not feelin unwell at mo at all !!!! Thinking bout doin anouther test as feels strange! Done 4 when found out was preg x


  • I have only had one child and I was sick all the way through but from hearing others experiences it seemed to be the more pregnancy s women had the less sick they got in each one hope this helps a little bit! image enjoy not feeling ill image
  • I have to disagree with that theory!!! I have a little boy who's two and when I was pregnant with him I had no symptoms at all, until I got a bump, however this time i feel sick all day, and like I could fall asleep at the drop of a hat! So I think its just the theory that all pregnancies are completely different! Enjoy not feeling sick, I wish I had enjoyed it last time, esp now I feel so rotten! X
  • Well everyone's different I suppose! I was just giving advice on experiences I've heard from I.e family friends etc image
  • Fanks everyone x it just don't feel right x have sore boobs and so tired all the time all other symptoms xxx sorry worrying bout nothing xxx
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