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Hi everyone, hope you're all moving along nicely in your pregnancy. I am feeling rough, sick and tired all the time, it's so much harder this time around! Any way, as a distraction I thought we could start a little discussion about my current favourite topic of baby names!! image At the mo I'm liking Eden for either, Roman and Rafe for a boy and Daisy and Arrabella for a girl! So what names are you all thinking of?


  • Hi Pushchair,

    I like the name Eden a lot! I have been really stuck for boys name cant think of one, although for a girl i like Tehya, it apparently is a Native American name which means 'precious' one of my faves so far xx

  • Hi,

    We have decided on James if its a boy and I like Madison, summer or cassie for a girl although people I've told aren't keen on the girls names so I've decided if we are having a girl im not telling anyone what we decide till baby is here.
  • Ours will be Isaac if it's a boy (which I'm sure it is) or Imogen if it's a girl x
  • Well hubby and I haven't actuay had the conversation since falling pregnant this time but based on our list from last time we hae a problem no matter what sex it is! If it is a boy we are really stuck on names that we both like - Our ds is Logan - I like names like Jude, Jensen, Sebastian, Arlo - quite unusual but not silly (Eden is also on my list!) but we both agree on Finley. And if it's a girl . . .we are spoiled for choice with names we both like - think our shortlist for last time was Madison, Alana, Skye - I love Amelia or Amalia but Madison is the current favourite and was before we got pregnant. I quite like Madison Amelia or Madison Olivia (which would be cute cos our nickname for bump at the moment is Olive). 

    I don't know what sex I tihnk it is - hubby is convinced it is a girl which worried me cos he really wants a girl and I don't want him to be disappointed if it's a boy...  this pregnancy is the total opposite of my last one so I am inclined the think girl - but would love another boy,

  • Lovely names everyone!! Because I'm a teacher I struggle with a lot of names because I can associate them with children I've taught!

    Nat1980, I think it's really rude when people say they don't like names you have chosen, they wouldn't dream of saying anything once the baby was born! I definitely just keep it a secret and don't let anyone sway you!

    Herewegoawain, Isaac was one of our final names if we had a boy last time and so was Jude Snugglenush! I'd have had Jude this time but someone at work has recently had a boy and called him Jude, I feel like she's stolen MY name!! Lol!!

    Snugglenush, very cute about Olive and Olivia!
  • Puschair - I have the same problem! Also a teacher - makes it a bloody nightmare ha!

    THe last few days i've taken a liking to Max and Jasper for boys names - think they go with Logan well. Not mentioned them to hubby yet though lol. Need to get thrugh the 12 week scan before I start nagging hubby about names lol!

  • I really like both of them, love Jasper though!! I have started to love Ted at the moment, maybe shorten it from Theodore though?.
  • Not sure if that's makes sense!! Would christen him Theodore but call him Ted!
  • I like that image Or name him Edward but call him Ted? x

  • I think I slightly prefer Edward but it doesn't go with our surname of Wilson, too many w's!!
  • We are thinking chloe for a girl and joseph but calling him joey if its a boy. Some lovely names.
  • We're a bit stuck for names this time, we have a son called Remy and a daughter called Zuri so it needs to be something a little unusual - we likeRae for a middle name for a girl but that is as far as we have got. Love your names by the way xx


  • ours is a little girl n she will be called lacey 

  • Hiya we like Isaac for a boy and Madison, Marianna or Jessica for a girl. Hope all feeling ok.

  • im 29weeks 3days with a baby girl and we are calling her savannah x

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