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12 weeks is taking forever!



  • Ah thanks girls. Sooo excited..... oooh so a 2nd girl on here too. Great. Congrats rubyjavy. 

    I  think I would like a water birth too and would love to hear of anyones experience that has had one. 

    We also have a 2 bed house and need to move at some point. Oh has a son from a previous relationship and he stays with us every weekend and holidays so its really his wee room. If we don't move before baby arrives baby will be in room with us to begin with and then share wirh brother until we move. We are looking actively so hopefully we time it well. 

  • [email protected] ruby i know hun thats why i said 'one of the only ones' not 'the only one' hadnt forgotten you image wishing you luck for your cardiac scan next week, what does that involve? Fc for you xx

    when i went into mothercare the other day they was saying it was strange how many people they'd had in recently that were having boys cuz they said normally all they really hear is girls! and ive found the same with a lot of people I know that are expecting this year as well, strange how it works!

    @dmari my oh also has a son from a previous relationship but unfortunately since his mum has moved her new man into the house she wont let my oh see his son, been to court on 3 separate occasions now but she keeps getting away with it and has since apparently been telling everyone that my baby is going to be a replacement for his first son, nightmare!! Hope everything goes well for you finding somewhere and i hope we wont be too long behind you!

  • Hey ladies... it seems to be people having girls round me at the moment. Family and close friends. My sis is especially excited as our baby's will be just under a year apart which is lovely.

    How awful Tali what your oh wee boys mum is doing,  just complete nonsense when parents resort to being mean like that. How's that fair on the child. She sounds awful.

    keep your chin up it will hopefully sort itself out. image xx

  • Hi ladies sorry its taken me ages to update its been a manic week!

    Scan was AMAZING image everything is perfect....we wanted to know the sex but ths little mite had the cord in the way and wouldnt shift, b ut as everything was perfect so I dont mind...I have another scan at 28 weeks so might try again then.

    I have also felt proper movement this week, its just amazing and think I am now looking preg not just fat image 

    Hope you are all ok....I have also had the realisation I have to give birth this week, it was when the measured the head size....its really going to hurt isnt it? image 

  • Hey Aimsie. Aw amazing glad all went well at the scan. image. Hopefully next time you get to find out sex but as you say it doesn't matter..... 

    Feeling the baby is a beautiful feeling isn't it. My wee one is very active, seems to be constant thrashing about. Same at scan, she wouldnt keep at peace for lady doing measurements. ha ha

    lol I'm same as you. This is my first and Im trying to keep the thought of actual birth out my head just now though after scan was all I could think about. Yip it's gonna hurt but we will be fine image

    hope the rest of you lovely ladies are well and have a good weekend xx


  • hey all,

    aimsie thats great news image

    yep i would def recommended a waterbirth tali, really hope i get another, luckily the birthing unit have got more pools recently too. i didnt go into the water for a while when i arrived last time as it was in use and as soon as i did it felt sooo good!  yes downside is no epidural but you may not want it this time and have a lovely speedy and not so painful labour image

    decorating going well, painting done, wallpaper tomorrow. can't wait to be sorted. seems like a lot to do recently, we also need a new car as hubbys needs so much doing to it and we would like more boot space for two kiddlywinks and golf clubs!! anyone recommend any of these cars? Honda crv, toyota verso, ford cmax?

    been lots of posts, cant remember anything else! x 


  • @Dmari yep she's a nasty piece of work and not fair on little man at all as he loves his daddy and hasnt seen him for such a long time now. She has her new man playing daddy which I think she feels is sufficient! It teras my OH up but keep telling him that one day soon his little man will be old enough to hear both sides of the story so just have to stay strong until then!

    @Aimsie so pleased for you about your scan, great news! Shame about the gender but better than being told the wrong one cuz of the cord and as you say as long as he/she is healthy thats all that really matters. I LOL when I read your comment about looking pregnant now and not fat I've been asking my oh for about 2 weeks whether I just look fat or whether you can tell haha!

    @minieggs great to hear your waterbirth experience was so positive, think I'm going to put it in my birthplan and speak to MW about it at next appointment. Although I'm sure they've only got one pool at my hospital so may not get one anyway. Was advised that I could change my mind and get out if I did need an epidural but hoping to go drug free this time and just use gas and air. Mind you I said that last time but was begging for an epidural by 3cm dilated lol! Glad your decorating has been going well, are you all done now?

    I'm finishing work after today until Tuesday so really looking forward to a nice break. Going to OH's parents on Friday until Sunday as is OH's dad's 50th party so that should be fun am looking forward to it and making the most of this time before all the trials and tribulations of 3rd trimester kick in, 6 weeks to go until that point!

    Seeing the midwife in 2 weeks but nothing else exciting coming up. Baby's kicks are getting a lot stronger but OH still cant feel them from the outside. Although I have read that if you're a bit chubbier then it can take longer for other people to feel them and I'm a size 18 so may be because of that? Has anybody else's parteners felt anything yet?


    Hope youre all ok xx

  • Heya. Sorry not been on for a while, totally exhausted and work is manic at the moment. Glad to hear all is going well for everyone. i feel a bit behind as since I am due late September my 20 week scan isn't until next Tue. I also have a physio appointment on Thursday for my SPD. Hope they sort something as it is agonising and really  frustrating with a 2 year old.

    I didn't get option of water birth as I was induced last time, hoping to go off naturally this time and maybe get the chance to try one. I had a very long labour and need an epidural in the end, would like to try without but I couldn't have made it last time so if comes to it I'll do it again. 

    Talli - I can feel baby move loads but my husband can't feel it yet. I'm a 14 but still carrying wobble on my tummy from last pregnancy so i do think that might hinder it a bit but I'm sure last time it took a while too. I was lying in the bath last night and noticed that I could see the kicks - it set my jelly-like tummy off wobbling, Lol. 

    Take care all and hope you enjoy the bank holiday weekend image xXx


  • Babytummy2 is your scan today? Hope you have a lovely time, mine is on the 13th can't wait to see our little boy again.

    tali I find it so sad that people can do that to their children, he will see through it. 

    I'm getting some strong kicks now that can be felt on the outside : )

  • Hi all am going to start a new thread......

  • Hey girls. Hope you are well.

    How did the scan go babytummy?

    Tali. hope you had a nice time away and had a great party. we were down south at weekend visiting ohs folks so was nice to get a bit of warm weather for a change.

    micromonkey I am too feeling very strong kicks. Think I have a lively one on my hands she doesn't seem to stop. Lol.

    mini eggs. Hope your well and the decorating is now finished and your feet are well and truly up image. Will have a look for your new thread and follow.

    hope the rest of you ladies are well rubyjavy, Aimsie and apologies if I have missed anyone xx

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