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12 weeks is taking forever!



  • Ohhhhh, now I get u herewegoagain!!!! I hope ur scan goes well!!!

    @talli Elli, thank u n I will def let u kno how my scan went, I'm glad in not da only one with wild dreams!!!

    Im writing this msg for the third time n I had a msg for everyone but it's just getting shorter, n now I've forgotten wat I wanted to say, sorry!!! Lol

    Neways welcome n congrats to the newbies, n it seems we cnt get to our second trimester fast enuff, I feel I've been pregnant for ages too, but if u count da number of months uve been ttc then we shudve had our babies by now, lol, no wonder it seems to b taking ages!!!!!!

    I hope everybody's scans n booking in appointment go well, n we move smoothly to our second trimesters!!!! xxx
  • Tulip1980 - our due dates are currently the same : ) until dating scans change them.


  • @herewegoagain thank you so much for that, i am useless at all the terminology image not long until your scan now, excited for you!! How did you get on hiding the baby bump? Lol, i did try to go low with the doppler like on my knicker line but all it kept picking up was my heartbeat, maybe im a bit too early but also think my doppler is rubbish as it seems to flash a random sequence of numbers and then just goes black with  - - - across the screen, driving me mad and then makes me worry even more cuz i think i havent found a heartbeat, back it goes in the cupboard for now!!

    @micromonkey congratulations on your pregnancy, nearly time for your booking in and hopefully then you'll get your scan date so you wont have to ait much longer image I bought the ARI healthcare doppler and its rubbish wouldnt recommend it to anyone, wish i'd bought the angel sounds one now everybody has said they are good!!

    @tulip1980 congrats on your pregnancy

    whats new with everybody today?


  • so i had my proper booking appt, this one was loads of forms etc, all booked now and i have scan date of 12 March, yey!

    Tali think I'm swaying towards her starting in the Jan she will be that bit older and it will give us time to adjust to life with the baby. So much to think about x 

    welcome tulip x

  • Woop woop thats great you can have something to look towards now really pleased for you!! Yeah that sounds olike a good pla with your dd, im dreading being in the midst of her starting school and then going into labout or already having a newborn, what a hectic time! xx

  • wooo got my booking in app tomorrow!! When did you all get your scan dates? Midwie said we will sort it at app - so will it then come through the post after the app? 


  • @ snugglenush woo hoo that's great news! Some people seem to have had their scan dates given to them at their booking appointments but I got mine about a week after my booking in appointment, hope you get scan date asap xx
  • @herewegoagain wishing you the best of luck for your scan today let us know how you get on xxx

  • Hello everyone, thanks for the welcome. It is so good to read all the advice on here.

    @ micromonkey - exciting that we may be due on the same date! Gulp! that seems so far away at the moment but i bet it flys by. Good luck for your scan.

    I am 9weeks now and still struggling with sickness and eating on most days. Ive just resigned myself to go with the flow. Ive told a 2 close people at work about my pregnancy just because I am a Nursery Teacher and this can involve lifting occasionally, plus I keep having to run to the loo from the sickness! ATTRACTIVE!!  I am nervous about telling my headteacher as ive only been at the school since september but it is a permanent post so should be ok. 

    Ive just read that my baby is now the size of a jelly bean!!!

    Hope everyone is feeling as well as they can do at this stage. Looking forward to hearing your news. image

  • @tali elli - thanks for thinking of me! All went lovely - put me at 13/40 and due date 29/8 image Got my scan date for the 20 week scan too. 12th April image x
  • That's great herewegoagain, let the scans commence!

    I got my scan date given to me at booking appt sn, hope u get yours too!

    Tulip, I hear ya with feeling rough, I have good n bad days. Not long till you should feel better x
  • @tulip bless you that must be tough, i'm 11 weeks and 3 days today and my nausea has all but gone now so hopefully wont be much longer for you either!

    @herewegoagain, sooooo pleased for you that is fab news!!!image you must be so chuffed, doesnt even seem long until your 20 week scan, are you going to find out what youre having? xx

    Me next on Monday I think now or are any of you other ladies before that? xx

  • My 12 week scan today, n I'm really feels like I've got an exam or sumat, lol. I Cudnt sleep all nite........I just hope it all goes well after da random wild dreams I've been having!!!!

    Hope ur all well n will post again tonite how scan went..........

    Keep fingers crossed for me pls????
  • Ahhh good luck Ruby hope it goes well for you, will keep fingers crossed! Just think by the end of today you'll have seen your baby and have a definite due date! Keep us updated on how you get on xx
  • good luck ruby, it'll be fine x

    I've got my blood tests this morning and I'm absolutely dreading having it done image Hubby will be there to hold my hand though! Roll on the wknd!

  • Good luck Ruby - I was exactly the same yesterday. What time is your appointment? Fingers crossed it goes well image xxx
  • P.s @Tali - yes we will be finding out the sex! I think it's lovely when parents don't know and find out just after the birth but I have no control and zero patience! So much so in having a private gender scan booked in 3.5 weeks when it's my birthday! Xx
  • @herewegoagain haha this made me laugh out loud as I am exactly the same and once we've had the scan on Monday if everything is ok then I am booking a private gender scan as well because my local baby bond clinic do them from 16 weeks, I can't know that its available from then and then wait another month for the nhs one lol xx
  • Ha ha, at least I'm not the only one! X
  • How did you get on ruby? X
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