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12 weeks is taking forever!



  • Morning ladies, I'm getting so scared about Monday now that somethings gunna be wrong, I cried last night cuz I'd panicked myself so much : (
  • Aww Tali - I remember doing the same last time. I still havent got my scan date image

  • Aww, I think we can all sympathise. Keep yourself nice and busy and it'll be scan time before you know it. What time on Monday is it? X
  • Thanks ladies I don't know why I'm so scared this time I've just had a bad feeling something was gunna go wrong since the day I found out I was expecting again : ( its 9:20 on monday morning xx
  • Thanku all for thinking abt me, n all ur lovely comments!!!!

    Don't worry too much talli Eli (yea I kno easier said than done!) I was so made up that sumat was going to b wrong, and I was quite worked up, but it all went really well and I can't believe that I was actually so relieved n happy after I saw my baby wriggling abt on the monitor........Ive had 3 kids but it really does feel like da first time every actually did a whole turnaround while we were watching and wat made my day tho was lukin at my hubby's face wen he saw da fotos, (he Cudnt b wit me unfortunately).............

    Ul b fine talli, we r all thinking of u n got out fingers crossed for u!!!!!

    @ herewegoagain, we've got the same due dates!!!! I The midwife had me at 12 weeks but I was actually 13 weeks + due date is 29/08!!!!! I Cudnt believe it!!!!! Il b having my c section 2 weeks before tho..........

    It finally feels so real!!!!!!
  • Ahh great news ruby glad it all went well for you that put a big smile on my face and that's so amazing that you saw baby do a full turnaround, how adorable! Can't believe you're all now due in August so jealous lol!

    Thank you hun for the reassurance, I was in quite a bad place when I got pregnant with my daughter in terms of being with a man that was really not very nice but now I'm so happy with the loveliest man ever and I guess I've just convinced myself that its all too perfect and somethings going to be wrong xx

    @snugglenush do you know when you're due to get your date hun? Must be really frustrating, big hugs xx
  • thats great ruby!

    tali, i feel nervous ahead of my scan too tho it's a while away yet, it's only natural to worry but I'm  you will be fine. Report back to us, love reading the updates, makes it all seem more real now people are having scans!

    oh bummer sn, is your scan date coming through the post then?


  • Aww yay ruby that's great news due date buddyimage I was 6 days late last time so still expecting a September arrival! Xx
  • Lovely to hear all your scan news. Still not got my date yet either. Got booking apt thursday so fingers crossed will get a scan date then. Have felt so tired and sick this week but have been lucky had booked most of week off. Dreading being back at work feeling like this next week.
  • good luck Elli!

    I have mine on Friday. I am finding the opposite this pg is flying by- cant believe how fadt it is going! I had a secret early scan and have found hb 3 times with a doppler already so I know he is there just hope everything is good with the tests

  • Hey girls, just wanted to give you an update! So had my scan this morning and baby was fine, we're 12 weeks and 5 days today apparently and due on 4th September! Got some really great pics of baby he/she was bouncing around like crazy in there, got date for 20 week scan as well 17th April, so happy and relieved!! Xx
  • Good for u talli!!!!!! I'm so happy for u dat da scan went well!!! I bet ur well chuffed watching ur lil one wriggling around.......
  • Ahh thanks ruby! Yep was over the moon and feel so less worried now, it was brilliant to see our baby jumping all over the place xx
  • Yay - glad it all went well tali. 2nd trimester here we come. I told my family and things this weekend and a load of friends. I'd lovely be able to talk about it with everyone!! Still despite being married and 27 I still felt like a naughty 15 year old telling my dad I was pregnant - ha ha! X
  • great  news tali x

  • Hiya,

    I have got my scan today I think I am due 2nd september unless they change it on scan I really am excited

  • Thanks ladies, still buzzing from it and cant stop looking at the scan photo's, cant believe I'm 13 weeks tomorrow, yay!!

    @herewegoagain hahaha i was exactly the same telling my dad, he was the only person I was nervous about, its like telling them 'yes Dad i have been having regular sex'  - cringe!! xx

    @liz11 good luck for today hun let us know how you get on x

  • @liz11?- good luck, hope it goes well image x
  • We've all gone quiet lol! How are you all and how is everyone feeling/getting on? Xx
  • i tali. I'm counting the days till my scan, it's the 12th, feels like ages still even though it's not. I've not been too bad recently but typically have got a cloudy head and  very tired today as i have my friends birthday party tonight image

    how are u

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