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12 weeks is taking forever!



  • Hi Tali and Minieggs! I am too counting the days til the 12th for the scan. I am not feeling as sick now thank goodness. I still feel like I can't get properly excited until I have had the scan - thinking of names etc. Im sure this is a normal reaction. xx

  • Not long now ladies it will soon come around, I remember how that time dragged though waiting for the scan, pregnancy is all about the waiting!

    Everything has been good with me although my dd has had a viral infection all of last week and I now have caught it from her so am coughing constantly like evry 5 mins with a tickly cough and sometimes when i do a big cough its making me throw up (thought I was past that stage lol) so thats not been great but all good apart from that.

    Dont want to go into any detail but has anybody noticed a change in discharge yet? Mine has been a little bit mucusy almost for the last 2-3 days and was a bit worried about it, I have a GP appointment tonight for a separate thing so may mention it to him and see if he thinks its anything to be concerned about.

    Other than that I have my 16 week appointment with the midwife on the 28th of this month (although will be 17 weeks and 1 day by then) and am hoping we will get to hear the heartbeat and then its my partners birthday next week and I have a few days off work as we are going away for the weekend just the two of us, really looking forward to it.

    Has anyone started feeling any movements yet? I have had the odd flutter low in my stomach very light which is quite exciting as I know they say it can be earlier with your second child but wasnt expecting so early (am 13 weeks and 5 days today)

    @minieggs how did you get on with the birthday party?

    @tulip any good names yet?



  •  oh no tali, the sickness doesnt need much excuse to appear,grr! my dd has a temp today bless her though she seems ok. i hope your dd is better soon x 

    the party went ok i managed a late night but paid for it the next day as was so tired!

    i haven't noticed a change n CM , seems pretty consistent. No flutters for me yet, think itll be a few weeks yet x 

  • tulip I've been feeling less sick too thank goodness. i know what you mean, i can't relax until the scan x 

  • @minieggs have hardly suffered with morning sickness with this pregnancy so this throwing up every time i cough its driving me nuts lol, happened at work this morning and i work in a really small office and everybody heard me and told me all about it when i walked back into the office, oh the shame!! DD has seemed better since Saturday really but she's still napping during the day for an hour which she only normally does now when she's ill, hope your dd is ok too!!

    Defo gunna check about the discharge at appointment tonight!

    Flutters have only been for the last couple of days but only really light and sporadically, I've heard people say theyve felt them as early as 11 weeks when its not their first pregnancy and im almost 14 weeks so I guess its within the right time frame


    Cant wait to hear about your scans xxx

  • Hi Tali,

    We are liking a choice of Isaac, Alexander, Joshua, Daniel for a boy and Madison (Maddie) is my absolute favourite girls name but have to persuade Husband of the merits of this he likes Maddie but he is not sure about Madison. Also like Emma, Summer, and randomly heard this the other day Eliza!! So all in all think its safe to say its up in the air at the moment. Good excuse to buy a name book though!!

    What about your name ideas??

    @ Tali I had the same cough when i was 5 weeks and it was upper respitory so every time i had a coughing spasm it made me sick. That side of the cough lasted for a week and then it wasn't as aggressive. Im a nursery teacher so am always catching things I had whooping cough last summer just before our wedding - 2 years to be ill them wham!! Hope you feel better soon.

    @ minieggs - this time next week we will be so excited for our scans tomorrow. Mine is at 9.30am.

  • Getting closer tulip. Oh 9.30 is a good time, the day will drag for me waiting til the afternoon! Soooo ready for this scan!

    Has everyone been advised to drink lots before scan who is on pregnancy number 2 again? Last time I was so desperate for a wee would be nice not to be that uncomfy but i guess you do need to drink lots second time round too? I've not got much meat on my bones and I seem to remember them saying drink lots cos of this before?
  • Hiya, This is my first pregnancy so not much help on this one minieggs - I am just following everything to the letter out of nervousness!  Not long now! xxx

    @ Tali are you ok? xxx

  • I drank again, don't think if matters how many pregnancies you've had the liquid in your bladder gives them a much better picture xx
  • thanks herewegoagain, may just drink lots then.

    tulip ah yes i was like that first time too, i can already see that I'm doing more what i think/want than textbook, guess it's what happens! just the wknd then we are closer to our scan day, yey!  do you have lots of people tell on tues?

  • Hey everyone, hope youre all ok image


    @tulip i like Isaac a lot and my other half is Daniel. Madison is one of our top girls name as well as we both like it a lot but nearly everyone I know that is pregnant is thinking of using it for agirl, think there are going to be a lot of Madison's this year! We like Elijah for a boy and Tehya for a girl as well but no names yet that I have had that 'thats the one' feeling about.

    also @minieggs its both of your scans very soon!!! Bet youre super excited, so close now! Cant wait to hear all about them and you can get your confirmed due dates, I didnt drink as much this time round just swallowed down a pint of water just before we left and I wasnt too uncomfrtable at all although we were seen fairly quickly which probably helped, might have been a different situation if we had of been sat waiting for an hour!

    I havent had any more flutters so dont know whether it was them at all lol, who knows? I cant wait to start feeling something properly as dont even really feel pregnant at the min, boobs are a lot less tender, not sick, eating normally again and then i cant feel little bean on top of it all lol, cant wait till the next scan its taking forever.

    So me and partner have been debating whether to book a private scan at 16 weeks to find out the gender as we are both desperate to know and would also be nice to get a peek at little bean, what are your thoughts on that? The cost where I live is £79 which my mum and family have said we could put to better use by putting it towards things for the baby but my 20 week scan is not until the 17th April and its taking forever, is anybody else planning a private scan or just waiting until the 20 week one?

    Hope you are all good xxx

  • Hi Tali good to hear from you again! I like your name choices too, maybe we will both have a Madison!!  So excited for scan now and nervous - fingers crossed all is ok!!

    I am just going to wait for 20week scan - actually didn't know you could have them earlier. Thats why being on here is so helpful. I think if you both feel that the money is worth it then you should go ahead, plenty of time to save up for baby things!!

    Can you tell me what entitlements - monetary we can apply for as not sure??

  • Hi guys, just wanted to say hello. I've been abit quiet lately cos I've not been well. Been in n out of hospital a lot this last week becos of my pelvic girdle pain (which the gp is totally convinced is sumat else) first they crossed out blood clot last fri after spending thurs nite in hospital in pain, then this week my gp sent me bak so they checked again n crossed out a hip infection n hernia........I've still got pain but less than before thank god!!!!

    @ Minnieggsno1 n tulip1980 I wish u all da best for ur upcoming scans, n I'm sorry if I've missed anybody else out, but I wish everybody all da best wishes I can give.

    @talli Eli, I am indeed thinking about finding out the sex of the baby thru babybond, where I went to find out for my last 2 pregnancies becos I really really hoping for a boy now, so I've booked my scan for Saturday coming and I'm absolutely terrified!!! It's going to b my fourth cesarean n so obviously my last chance n my last time of having a son and completing my family. I don't think ??79 is a lot to ask for, especially wen uve already got one sex n hoping for the other........please keep it fingers crossed for me guys that I get my baby boy, all my family wud b well chuffed after me having 3 girls?, n I don't regret having my girls either tho, they r my life????

    @herewegoagain have u Thot nemore on the 16 gender scan?
  • @tulip that will be funny to both have Madison's I dont think we will be the only one's this year! I think monetary entitlements are all different depending on your circumstances mine will be very different this time around, are you and partner both working etc?

    @ tulip and minieggs - your scans are tomorrow, yay!! Bet youre both super excited now wishing you both lots of luck and make sure you let us know how you get on, will be thinking of you both!!

    @ruby sorry to hear youve been having a rough time hun, how are you now? Will be keeping fingers crossed for a boy for you image

    Well I went ahead and booked an early scan through Babybond to find out what we are having, its on the 23rd this month am really excited! Less than 2 weeks to go and we will know, will be 16 weeks and 3 days on the day!! I would like another girl and partner would like a boy but genuinely not that bothered as long as its healthy, cant wait to start buying some things that arent white/beige/yellow etc. Got midwife appointment at the end of this month as well so looking forward to hearing a heartbeat!

    Whats new with everyone?




  • hi all. keeping it short as my kindle is a nightmare to type on at the mo. Tali great about your scan, exciting! yes mine tomorrow, nervous and excited, will report back. Good luck tulip x 

  • Thinking of tulip and minieggs today xxxxx

  • hi all. scan ok, yey! and only one n there, phew! v happy. tulip hope you got on ok x 

  • That's great news hun, what's your confirmed scan date? Xx
  • Yay for u minieggs, so happy that the scan went well, so wats ur due date?

    How did ur scan go tulips?

    Thanx talli!!! Im abit better now, went for another blood test today cos my white blood count n sumat else r increased which indicates an infection/inflammation, so sumat is goin on n I'm quite lucky to have this one gp who is stubborn on trying to get to da bottom of it!!!

    I've booked gender scan for 16, so this Saturday, despite da reviews of them getting it wrong aswell sumtimes!!! I'll b 16 weeks n 2 days, EVERYONES hoping for a boy as I already have 3 dd's so I'm Nervous as hell!!!
  • Hello everyone! Scan went well thank you for thinking of me. Only one bambino in my tum!! It was really wriggling about which I didn't expect to see, heartbeat was strong. My new due date is 21st of sept so im 12 wks 3 days!! So relieved all is ok and can start to get excited about baby now!! Glad to hear yours went well minieggs!!! image

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