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12 weeks is taking forever!



  • Thanks girls, I was 12+2 yest so puts me at 22nd Sept, very close tulip! I'm glad your scan was fine too. I also had a big wriggler, much more than my dd did at her 12wk scan.

    Hope you feel better soon ruby.

    Have you all told work? I'm telling in nxt couple of days, eek!

    So onwards to all of our 16wk mw appts now, and some of your gender scans, exciting!
  • @tulip and mini eggs so pleased fr you both its all getting very exciting now!

    @ruby will keep fingers crossed for you, my gender scan is the following saturday and I would like another dd but then would be nice to have a boy as only have one little girl so not really too fussed.

    @minieggs I told work at 8 weeks cuz I had a bleed then and needed time off etc but they were ok about it and asked me straight away if I was going to be coming back : / hope your place are ok too

    I'm 15 weeks today, yay!!!! Bit worried that I havent felt any flutters for a good few days now but am hoping its just that baby is too small and not anything being wrong, i've never worried as much about anything in my life lol.

    When have we all got our 16 weeks appointments? Mine's is the 28th of this month



  • Mine is 26th match bcos mw's on holiday nxt week or sumat, but I'll b 16 weeks Tom so by da time I c my mw ill b 18 weeks's quite a wait innit?!

    Thanx minieggs. I'm sure ill feel abit better as soon as my gender scans over wit????

    I was just wondering if anybody else were getting headaches, or "hormonal headaches" as my gp called them? I've got a headache, third day in a row and paracetamol isn't helping at all.......just wondered if there was ne advice?

    I'm glad ur scans went well minieggs and tulip???? all the best guys and plsssss keep ur fingers crossed for me!!!!!????
  • Thanks tali, told work and went ok so was happy with that. I'm sure in a few wks the definite frequent movements will begin and hopefully you can relax soon. As you say baby is still small in there. Not long til your midwife appt and gender scan. I haven't booked my 16wk appt yet, it will be in 4 weeks.

    Ruby I had some headaches in my first pregnancy but luckily not any yet this time, hope they pass soon. Not much else you can do, don't suppose you get much chance to rest in a dark room with your kiddies!

    Let us know your scan result, hope goes well.
  • Thanx and I will do????
  • The date of my gender scan!!!!!!! I'm nervous, so nervous, so bloody nervous!!!!!!! ????????????????
  • Hi all, I have told my head teacher and he was brilliant even through ive only been at the school since september. Relieved, it was announced to all at a meeting yesterday so ive had a nice day of congratulations and looking at my scan which was lovely.

    Hope you are all ok.

    Minieggs can't believe we are so close with our due dates. xxx

  • Hi guys. Just to let you know that I had no luck whatsoever finding out the sex of the baby becos it was being stubborn and just wudnt move, had a walk in between and an energy drink n a chocolate bar and it still wudnt open up it's legs, it's foot was rite over its gender part so I have to go bak on wed now.........

    Wish the rest of u better luck than me!!!! ????
  • Oh rubyjavy how annoying! Hope baby is being kinder on Wednesday!

    Tulip glad work took it well, my Headteacher was fine too, and ha been showing people round for my cover already.
  • ah yes that's annoying ruby, cheeky baby!!

    micromonkey how are you doing? so nice to have it out in the open at work isn't it x 

  • @ ruby so gutted for you about the scan, baby must have felt in a cheeky mood! Hope you have more luck on Wednesday and get the result you want. Mine is this Saturday and I have a funny feeling the same thing will happen with me, i will be so gutted!

    Glad everybody is getting on ok with telling work. Ive been in tears at work this morning cuz of how I feel i'm being treated since i told them. they were fine at first but then slowly theyve started picking at everything i do when they were absolutely fine with everything before, even gave me a performance based pay rise at the beginning of Jan and then this morning me and my colleague have been told that we will be replaced unless we start doing better, all just got too much and had a little cry in the toilets, now im just really angry that I'm being treated like that xx

  • @ talli, awwwwww, that is so unfair!!!!!! How can they do that?!?! I've only ever found work once after I had graduated with a biomedical honours degree, n at first they loved my work, they were always commenting how quickly I had grasped everything despite not having any experience or working for 2years after my graduation bcos I had my first daughter then.

    But then 3 weeks into my job I found out I was pregnant, and bcos I was on a probation period for 3 months I Thot it best to tell then straight away bcos I knew they cudnt sack me, but I had gestational diabetes and knew I wud need a lot of hospital appointments and stuff.

    At first they were all so happy, but then slowly as my morning sickness came in with the fatigue and hospital appointments, suddenly everything that I was doin was wrong!!! They called me into their office to say I wasn't working as hard as I was initially, n u shud work faster bcos I was getting slow and gossiping more!!! So I put my head dwn and stopped taking an interest in idle gossip, and I was taken back into the office to be told I wasn't being a team mate, and I had an attitude problem!!!!!!

    My last 2 months were hell, so wen they said that they were going to let me go after my probation period was over I was relieved!!!

    So I can just imagine wat ur going thru, but I cnt imagine how u must feel bcos uve obviously worked with them a lot longer than wat I had.........I really hope it gets better for u, but bcos I have never worked I can't make ne suggestions on wat u shud or can do, sorry????

    @ micromonkey and minnieggs, I was totally totally disappointed with my baby???? I had been all worked up abt it for 2 weeks and I hadn't slept the nite before bcos I was so anxious and excited of wat we were going to find out, and I knew everybody had their fingers crossed for me to have a boy, and I was I shining their faces and how they'd react, even how mine n hubby's car journey home wud b like!!!!! But no such luck. I really hope we find out on wed now bcos the suspense is killing me!!!!

    Although this baby never moved as much as my girls, and I heard boys r lazier and my sister said that her boys hardly used to moved around much on da scans so fingers crossed dat it is a boy!!!!

    Wish da rest of u luck!!! ????
  • Aww tali so sorry to hear work are being so bad! I left my last job when I had my dd because of how they treated me when I was pregnant, and this school have been lovely. Do you have a union you could contact?

    Rubyjavy fc for tomorrow will e looking for your news. I've just booked our gender scan for April 13th.

    Lastly all come and join us on Facebook it's much easier to access by phone : )
  • Lol, I dnt kno if I'm just getting old, but wat does fc mean?
  • Hi all.

    Oh poor u tali, that sounds awful at work, I hope it all gets sorted out.

    Ruby, it means fingers crossed. How was your scan this time?

    Micromonkey, I don't have fb, pleaseeee don't all disappear???
  • Hi everybody, thanks for all your kind words made me feel much better. They sent me an my colleague on a course yesterday to 'improve' us (funny I didnt need any improving before I was pregnant) and at first I was dreading it as dont think it had the desired effect as the guy that was running it spoke a lot about our managers duty to us and how they can help us not just everything being down to us! So I have come in today and decided i'm just going to get my head down and not talk to anyone, my manager has barely spoken to me again today anyway, just over 4 months to go and I'll be out of here and I wont be coming back after baby has been born (thats if they dont sack me beforehand).

    Luckily my aunty works at a big firm of solicitors here and she said if it gets to that point it would be clear to an employment tribunal that their change in attitude towards me only occurred after I announced that I was pregnant and seeing as it is highly illegal to discriminate against somebody in the workplace because they are pregnant then I would have major grounds for unfair dismissal, hopefully it wont come to that but we'll see how it goes!

    It was crazy to hear all your stories of going through similar things as well, makeds me so angry that employers can get away with it despite the well publicised laws against it!

    Anyway sorry for all my ranting it just got a bit much before lol! But on to nicer things, my private gender scan is this Saturday, really keeping my fingers crossed that we can find out because all I seem to be hearing at 16 weeks is people's babies being in the wrong position and them having to go back, would have just waited for the 20 week scan if that was the case as only got 4 weeks today until that one!

    @ruby how did you get on today? Have had fingers crossed for you

    @micromokey yaya thats great news about your gender scan, thats exactly a week before my 20 week one image

    Whats new with everybody else?


  • I'm having a girl guys. My fourth girl. I'm well gutted as I was hoping it wud b a boy n complete my family. I def can't go thru another pregnancy or c section again. I've not even had da courage to tell my family, everyone's goin to b disappointed. And I can already hear half of da insensitive remarks il have to put up wit from everybody that knew I was trying for a boy.
  • Big hugs rubyjavy no idea what more to say x

    Minieggs, we wont abandon you image

    Tali_Elli, thats very exciting, do you have any gender feelings? you must be due right at the start of Sept, im due 26th!

  • thanks micromonkey image

    tali, im glad you feel a bit better about work, you should definitely threaten them if they carry on at you because its just not fair. As you say just think 4 months and you will never have to return image

    oh ruby, sorry to hear you feel that way but im sure everyone wll be excited for you once you get further along etc. I always just think you get what you are supposed to have and think that when you are older you will have 4 girls who will all look out for each other and you too. And since having my dd i think girls are great 

  • Hi girls. Hope you don't mind me wading in. I'm due Sep but never sure where to post on BE as I was in ttc for a while. Sorry to hear Tali your work is being so mean while your pregnant. That's so awful and out of order . Countdown time til you are outa there though shame your being made to feel like that. . image. I'm 16 weeks now. Got midwife app next Monday and second scan date will be 23rd April when I will find out sex. Can't wait image xxx
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