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12 weeks is taking forever!



  • @ruby so sorry to hear that hun I know how much you wanted a boy. Dont let your family make you fel bad though they should just be happy that the blessing of another beautiful healthy little baby is coming into the world, try and keep your chin up hun image

    @micromonkey I think possibly a boy because this pregnancy does feel very different to when i was pregnant with my dd but really not sure, all my friends and family seem to think its a girl which I would be more than happy with, although dp wants a boy lol, dont they always! Yes i'm due on 4th September but was a week early with dd so could even be end of August!

    @minieggs thank you image its been not as bad today but still the same manager huffing and puffing at everything I do and say and barely uttering a word to me all day, you'd think your female managers would be more understanding but they seem worse!

    @dmari3 welcome hun and congratulations when in September are you due? Yep dont even know if I'll work as close to my due date as I was going to if things carry on the way they are may go on mat leave sooner

    So i reached 16 weeks yesterday which I was really happy about, dont know why but I was really worried about not getting to 16 weeks when i first fell pregnant so feels like another little milestone image very excited about my gender scan on saturday morning just keeping my fingers crossed that they'll be able to tell on the day and not make me go back in a week or something, the wait will kill me lol! Midwife appointment is a week today and then 20 week scan on the 17th april, its all going on at the min!


  • Thanx so much for all your kind comforting words!!! Actually I'm still abit double minded abt da gender scan. Both times I went I was quite disappointed. The gel was cold first time I went, (which I kno is not a big deal but I've been before and I remember the gel being warm) and the sonographer never took much time in tellin me dat baby's gender was hidden, abt 5 mins n I was out for a walk, waited for 20 mins outside n then went bak in n in 10 mins she was tellin that il have to go bak another day. She never said it had to b a week, but the sonographer I saw yest actually moaned quite abit of y I was bak after a couple of days n not a week!!! She even complained abt me goin in too early for a gender scan, n I'm lying there thinking that y da hell do u offer it from 16 weeks if ur goin to complain abt it being too early?!?! N this sonographer told me it was still hard to c cos I was only 16 weeks n cos the cord was Infront of the genitals, but I mean she still took only 10 mins n said dat it's a girl, quickly showed the girl bits n dat was it!!!!

    There was no 3d confirmation or viewing, which I did have last 2 times I went to babybond, n the scan fotos or absolutely horribly fuzzy, u cnt even tell it's a baby!!! My 12 weeks scan is better than this!!!!!

    My pregnancy has been absolutely different from my last 3 pregnancies, I had morning sickness n nauseous uptil 13-14 weeks, n my skin became clear n glowing n my hair was shinier b thicker. This time round I've had no sickness, only felt nauseous wen I smelt chicken n lamb being made, n my skin n hair r disgustingly oily n I've got spots on my face neck n chest which uve never had since puberty!!!! So I really really Thot it wud b a boy this time!!!!

    My hubby's more heart broken than me bcos he really wanted a son so he cud do all this father n son stuff that he Cudnt do wit his dad bcos his dad died wen my hubby was this pregnancy was more for him than me...........
  • Hi Tali. Sorry things don't seem to be improving at work for you. image. My due date is 3rd September, 1 day before yours... image. Hi Ruby. Sorry to hear your hubbys disappointment. Understand the upset with his father passing away when he was only a young boy. Sad. image Hope everyone else is well. xx
  • @ruby when is your 20 week scan? at least they should be able to tell you for definite at that one, big hugs to you hope you're ok image

    @Dmari ahh we're almost due date buddies!

    Please everyone keep your fingers crossed for me that baby behaves him/herself at the gender scan tomorrow and lets mummy and daddy know what we're having, I'll let you all know what happens. Hope you all have a lovely weekend imageimage

  • hi dmari, welcome, the more the merrier image

    tali- i'm glad work was better yesterday. i agree you would think a female boss might be more understanding! oh yes hope baby o-operates tomorrow, how exciting, report back please x

  • Thanx talli, I'm ok. A lil disappointed cos I've thrown all da cute pink baby clothes out from last time, that wudve saved me a fortune!!! ????

    I think I'm getting my head round having another girl. A baby's a baby, no matter wat sex, n a mother creates the bond before the baby is born, I'm sure my hubby will get over his disappointment as soon as baby comes.......

    And yes I am still secretly hoping dat they tell me at my 20 weeks scan, which for me will b at 18 weeks cos I'm diabetic, so that's 1st April, "April fools" day so to speak, just hope that if it is a girl everybody take me seriously ????????????

    Glad ur day at work was better, hopefully ur boss will treat u better once she gets her head round it........and il def have my fingers crossed for u all dat Tom dat ur baby's not playing up and u won't have to go bak like me. And I hope babybond treats u better than me!!! All da best!!!!

    Hope everybody have a gud weekend!!! Xxx
  • Hey ladies just wanted to let you all know that the gender scan was amazing!! And....... We're having a boy!!! It was really clear to see and she said she was 99.9% sure and didn't have any doubts but we could see his bits clearly ourselves anyway, we heard the heartbeat and she showed us it in 4D which was amazing, got 10 pics as well! Really great experience! Xx
  • Aww that is lovely tali_elli, I hope our baby is as compliant when its out turn!

    I can't remember, is this your first? Are you off blue shopping now?
  • He wasn't compliant at all at first he was all curled up fast asleep and wouldn't budge! She was jiggling my stomach up and down and made me roll from side to side on the bed but then luckily he woke up and got in the perfect position and we had a really clear view!

    No this is my second got a dd who will be 4 in june, she was not happy at all that it was a boy lol! Yep been and got a couple of blue outfits today and a blue bath box to put all creams and shampoo aand stuff, so different to be shopping in blue!

    When is your scan micromonkey? Will be keeping fingers crossed for you that baby behaves lol xx
  • Ah very nice Tali. Sounds amazing..... I won't find out until 4 weeks time. Sooooo looking forward to it. image xxx
  • Aww Angela is convinced she is getting a sister and a brother even though we've told her there is only one baby! Our scan is April 13th I can't wait! We are taking her with us as she is so excited about the baby and talks to my tummy. I had a quick look round mothercare yesterday they have some lovely bright clothes in at the moment I can't wait to shop!
  • Congrats talli!!!! It's really gud u had a great experience!!!! Hope everybody else's work out????
  • ah thats lovely tali x 6 weeks til we find out, not doing a private scan but not too long to wait x 

  • Hi all! Awww glad it went well Tali. Blue shopping how exciting. Think I  the only one on here not finding out the sex of my baby. Oh well we will all have to wait for the surprise. Hope everyone else's scans go to plan and you find out if its a blue or pink baby!!! Can I just ask we really don't want to know what we arehaving so do we need to state that when we go in for our 20wk scan????????

  • Normally they do the scan as normal and then at the end the sonographer will ask if you want to know or not. My 20 week scan is 2 may! And we wil hopefully be finding out!!


  • Thanks everyone still cant believe it! We've done some shopping now too, paid a deposit on the pram and car seat and bought the moses basket and stand, a steriliser and some bottles and a few outfits, thats made it all seem so real!

    @tulip i wish i had your willpower as it would have been a lovely surprise but I just couldnt wait that long, i didnt even make it to 20 weeks lol! I think you should specify just incase they accidentally give it away during the scan but I think snugglenush is right that they normally ask you at the end

    whats new with everyone and what appointments/scans etc have we got coming up in ther next few weeks?


  • Hi guys. I've still not bought anything, hoping my scan mite say I'm having a boy, wishful thinking I kno but I just want it a few hand me dwns from my sister, neutral color bath n swing.......

    My midwife appointment is Tom, so hoping to hear baby's heartbeat this time, and my 20 weeks scan is next week on April fools day, wen il actually b 18 weeks + 4 days. The doctors carry the anomaly scan at 18 weeks for diabetics.

    Anybody felt baby moving?! I have for da last couple of weeks, on n off, I'm never really certain tho......

    And how about everybody's baby shopping?! Anybody else started on that?
  • I have a 16 week midwie app tomorrow and my 20 week scan is 2 may!! Pretty certain they will say boy!!! Which I would  very happpy with (already have a boy) - but huby convinced it's a girl. I would be very shocked if it was though (also very happy though of course).

    So far my Gran has bought some white newborn outfits and I couldn't resist a white pramsuit in the next sale - got it in up to 1 month.  .. but wish I'd bought newborn cos it looks a bit big and my DS was a tiddler! I'm just waiting for 20 week scan so can start buying other things - don't need a pram etc cos still have a good quality one from DS in a neutral colour - but need a new moses basket and stuff.

    Baby been moving since 13 weeks!! I thinksome of it is gas lol but some of it is definitely baby. I would say I feel it at least once a day - sometimes its quite active!! And if I put my hand on my belly - it's like my belly is full of energy and movement if you know what I mean. I think i've got a lively one in here!!

  • tulip sometimes sonographers just say he or she anyway regardless of the actual gender so i think just say we dont want to know as soon as you get there to avoid any confusion!

    ruby and sn hope your mw appts go well today and tomorrow

    last night i beame aware of my uterus in my tummy if that makes sense, wouldn't say felt baby yet

    oh it does feel more real with people buying bits, after our 20 week scan i will get a few bits too. My friend is giving us her moses basket as needed another, other than that the only big thing we need is a new monitor as ours broke. If bump is blue would need clothes eventually after growing out of my many newborn neutral babygros!

    snugglenush a snowsuit is a good call, i don't have a newborn one as my dd was a summer baby

    are we all feeling ok now? as long as i get a good sleep i feel pretty ok most days now 

  • @ruby not long to go until your 20 week scan now, will keep fingers crossed for you that they may have got it wrong. I've been feeling the fluttery feeling for the last 2-3 weeks now and sometimes it does seem a bit stronger than other times but nothing really definite yet. Hope your midwife appointment goes well today

    @snugglenush i hope your midwife appointment goes ok tomorrow, you may be surprised with your scan I was convinced I was having a girl but very much not lol. I wonder if half of my movements are gas as well, cant wait for those definite kicks when you really feel them

    I have my 16 week midwife appointment on Thursday (although am 17 weeks tomorrow lol) and 20 week scan on 17th April which is now starting to drag lol.

    Ive had really bad headcahes on and off for about a week now which is pants! Ive suffered with headaches since I was a child myself but dont remember having any when I was pregnant with DD, I googled it on my lunch break today to try and reassure myself it was normal and took me to loads of sites saying it was a sign of pre eclampsia, had a freak out!!

    Will be very happy when DS arrives so at least this part of the worrying can stop but we've still got months left!!

    On the plus side my maternity leave is sorted! I finish officially on 2nd August which is a Friday but have lots of holiday left to take so am taking all that week off so will really finish the Friday before that, 4 months to go and counting!!

    TC everyone xx

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