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12 weeks is taking forever!



  • Well I am a teacher so I finish end of July (can't remember date) but then mat leave will officially start at beginning of september. So not that long really to go!!


  • Same as me snugglenush my last actual day at work will be Friday 26th July image xx

  • Hello all! Good to hear all your news. I am not feeling as sick now but occasionally have a bad day - but rather that than all the time.

    @Snugglelush - amazing that you have been able to feel baby from 13wks. I keep feeling a sensation like when your eyebrow sometimes moves by itself like a flickering - is the feeling you get similar to this?? (That is if my description actually makes sense to you!! image).

    It is so good to hear all your different points of view. I too am a teacher so as my head said i have timed it nicely as will finish end of July and mat leave will start from Sept. - Genious! (Thank you mother nature).

    Hope all your scans go well. I am still waiting for a letter from hospital for my 20wk scan. 16 wk mw appointment on 8th April.



  • Hi all. My mw appointment has gone well today. Heard baby's heartbeat today, so was happy abt that.

    I've had a lot of pain around my stomach/pelvic/back area since yest evening, had a horrible painful nite. Mw said it was with the 2 n half hr drive I had to do yest to Glasgow to get my daughters passport made, so hopefully a couple if dats rest n I shud b alrite, fc!!!
  • i'm chatting to work about holiday and mat leave this week. i think my leave will start 1st Aug as it fits in with their holidays so looks as if a few of us will be starting similar times.

    tulip my 16 week appt is the 9th, close appts again, wonder if our scans will be again too?!

    good about your appt ruby but not about your pains, hope you are ok now?






  • Hi all. Had my 16 week check up (though I am 17 weeks) and heard the babys heartbeat. Was sooooooo lovely. My first child so was very overwhelming. .. image. 20 week scan ( will be 21 weeks just) is 23rd April.... can't wait for that.... going to definitely find out what we are having.... Not sure when I am going to start my mat leave. Was thinking mid august using holidays first of all. Due date is 3rd Sep. Xx
  • Tali_elli, it is lovely that you can now say you are lookin forward to ds arriving!

    Minieggs my 16 week appointment is on the 9th too though 'll be 15+5 but that way it's in the holidays so I don't need time off work.

    Ruby hope your pains have gone

    I'm a teacher too so will be off work from July with mat leave starting the first day back in September, they employed my cover teacher on Monday!
  • Just got back from my 16 week app - it went v well. Heard the heartbeat! Defo like a train so i reckon I am getting another blue bump! I am 15+2 today but my uterus is measuring 18 weeks!

    Scan 2nd May and then consultant app the week after cos i had a csec last time.


  • thats great dmari and snugglenush image


    snap micromonkey! not too long now...


  • Hi guys, u all sound as if ur doin great!!!!

    Getting all ur maternity leave and stuff sorted out must make everything feel more real!!!! I envy you????

    I'm ok. Still got pain. "Round ligment pain" my mw said, it's worse wen I'm walking around. Doesn't make it easier being the Easter holidays wit 3 kids n my mother in law to luk after. Had sum rest yest bcos my cousin came to help out. But bak to duty today.

    I'm thinking of baby shopping after I come bak from my "baby moon" holiday. Going to turkey wit hubby n kids so we r all well excited. I asked my docs abt goin n they said its all fine as long as I keep my sugar levels under control.

    I'm glad ur feeling abit better abt work talli! Ull all b counting down until ur maternity leaves I bet. I just hope we get a better summer than last year so we can all laze around in our gardens.........
  • Hello everyone! Fell like I havent spoken to you all in ages!

    @ruby glad your midwife appointment went well and hope your pains have lessened now, try and take it easy and get some rest, when are you off to Turkey? That will be fab for you and im not too jealous lol!

    @dmari great news about your midwife appointment too. You are due 1 day before me and your 20 week scan date is 6 days after mine lol

    @snugglenush great about your appointment, another blue baby maybe then lol? are you going to find out at your next scan?

    Good luck to all of you that have your appointments etc next week cant wait to hear about them all.

    I had my midwife appointment last thursday, heard baby's heartbeat which was fab and then we've been able to hear it on our own doppler since saturday which was really good too, midwife was happy with everything and not seeing her again now till mid may. Have got my 20 week scan on 17th of this month so looking forward to that. Will be guteed if they say babybond got it wrong and its a girl though cuz have done lots of shopping over the weekend, now have changing mat, clothes, vests, baby gros, dummies, 2 packs of nappies and some moses basket sheets lol

    Whats new with everyone? Hope you all enjoyed the Easter weekend xxx

  • @Tali_Elli Yes I will be finding out! Scan is 2nd May - I don't see midwife again until 20th June!!

    I've not bought much yet - got a pramsuit and i've just bid on a moby wrap as don't want to buy a double pram really!! Quite like the idea f 'wearing' my baby hehe.

  • Rubyjavy how was your anomaly scan? It was the 1st wasn't it.

    I know have a Moses basket and playmates from my friend and 3 bags of clothes all sorted into colours waiting to see which we need!!! Driving myself nuts trying to guess what I'm having, feel like it's a boy but keep dreaming I'm at the scab and told its a girl!
  • I am just dieing to get at Logan's old clothes and either wash em and sell them or wash em and get them ready in the new room hehe. I am convinced it's another boy . . . . but then there is this tiny doubt in the back of my mind. 4 weeks today until I find out though!!!


  • That's good that all went well at midwife tali.

    Sn I'm exactly the same, want to know what to do with all my dd's clothes in the loft, roll on scan!

    When I see midwife next week I'm going to ask about matb1 form. As I'm scheduled not to have next mw appt till 28 weeks after the 16 week one i want to know if i can book an appt for her to sign it at 25 weeks as I need to sort it before 28 weeks due to not being at work- I start my annual leave from 28 weeks then straight onto mat leave. Anyone else have this issue? Think most of us are 2nd timers or more with less appts. Hope that made sense!
  • @snugglenush well at least its less than a month until your scan now and I'm  not seeing midwife again until 16th May which seems like forever! I was living in Ireland when I was pregnant with dd but used to see my midwife there every 4-6 weeks!

    Everyone seems to have clothes they can use, all my dd's are no good now we know we're having a boy lol so its costing us a fortune, its like a first time baby again lol!

    @minieggs i need to ask about that form as well cuz im sure there's a certain time you have to have this filled in by and I'm not seeing my midwife again until I'm 24 weeks, does anybody know if there is a time issue with these forms?

    Who's feeling movements now? Mine have got so much stronger in the last week no mistaking it now, wouldnt say I've had a full blown kick yet but lots of moving around and bubbly sensation gets stronger everyday, cant wait till my partner and dd are able to feel him too although im sure that will still be a while off.

    I'm starting to get a bit nervous about my 20 week scan now, my younger brother has a cleft lip and although thats quite a minor issue in the grand scheme of things I know they can be hereditary and its really affected his confidence all of his life and he got quite badly bullied when he was younger  not to mention having countless reconstructive operations on it which have left him with two scars. Will be really upset if baby has got it too image but then my dd hasnt so am trying to stay positive, anybody else have any worries like this?


  • Hi all???? yea, Ive had my anomaly scan, and everything seemed fine with baby. She was very active and the sonographer had to chase her around to take measurements which was quite funny. And yes she confirmed its a girl, although I've been told by everyone still not to go out n buy things. I think everybody are hoping that it still comes out a boy, and they were upset wen they all found out but thankfully not Infront of me, and they are getting over it.

    Don't worry too much abt the anomaly scan talli, hopefully everything will go smoothly as ur dd's did. I watched that one born every minute last week, the episode abt da little baby who's born with a diaphragm hernia? The parents first discovered it at the 20 weeks scan, and unfortunately were told that there was a 50% survival rate, but their lil baby died at 6 days old. NOT something that I shudve been watching before my 20 weeks scan, and the neurotic person I am I convinced myself that something like that mite happen to me!!!! But it never, but the worry never leaves does it?

    I hope all ur scans go smoothly aswell!!!!

    My next scan is 1 may for a thorough check of baby's heart, so il get to c her again, and bcos I was very emotional at my last mw app she wants to c me after I get bak from holiday!!! I think all da emotional stress of finding out its a girl, n upsetting the family cos of all their hopes n stuff, n my hubby being quite upset, just took its toll on me. But I'm better now, as r my family. I'm glad I found out cos now everyone can get used to it before baby comes so it won't b an upsetting day wen she's born. Neways il love her, no matter wat????

    I'm feeling sum movements too talli, since week 14, very vaguely, but I thinks it's getting stronger too, cnt wait to feel the full blown elbows n kicks!!!
  • Hi everyone, I have been loitering around this thread for a while but not got around to actually posting anything!

    I am due in 6th September with my first baby, so so excited, it is great to read that you have all been going through the same things as me so I am feeling a nice relief of normality!

    I am overweight so was referred to the consultant but they seemed happy that everything was as it should be, they want to see me again at 28 weeks for a growth scan and I am going for a gestational diabetes test at the end if may.

    I am 18 weeks tomorrow and have my anomaly scan on 22nd April, I am really looking forward to it, hubby and I have decided to find out what we are having so I cant wait....also it will give me peace of mind as I am off to India for a business trip the week before (only 5 days) so it will be a great to get all checked out!

    I started antenatal yoga this week, really enjoyed it, am looking forward to the antenatal classes with hubby but not sure when I should be looking at going to these? Any advice?

    I am trying to work my way round the maternity policy at work, looking like finishing in Aug sometime due to holiday, I think I read about the Mat1b form needing to be with your employer 15 weeks before your due date (might be wrong!!)

    Anyway I have blabbed on enough image
  • I still haven't got my maternity excepmtion form! And my work have said they will jsut have my matB1 form at 28 weeks as I won't be leaving until 31 weeks - but it does seem odd as officially you have to hand it in at 24 weeks. 

    I'm feeling movement everyday now! Not at regular times but something everyday - they are getting stronger, but not strong enough for hubby to feel yet.


    @Aimsie - welcome and congrats! I think my midwife sorted out my antenatal classes - I went in the August last time and was due end of September. 


  • Ok, that's a bit annoying. Using my stupid phone as laptop has given up. What it should say above is...

    Hi, I'm new to BabyExpert but would love to keep in touch with other Sept Mums and Bumps. My second child is due on 24th September, I am a teacher too like many on here but will prob return to work for a couple of weeks after the summer hols. I have a feeling that 'baby tummy' (as my daughter calls it) will actually be an Oct baby as my 2 and a half year old was induced at 2 weeks over.

    We won't be finding out what baby is at the scan. My symptoms are similar to when I had my daughter, so I was thinking girl again but since I've felt movements I've found myself thinking of baby as a boy.

    Still suffering badly with all day sickness and I had SPD with 1st preg and it has returned with a vengeance image Not so easy with a bonkers 2 year old in the house!

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