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What pram/pushchair have you chosen?

Hi all! Just wondering which prams/pushchairs can you recommend. I want one that has the carrycot facility. Your experiences would be valuable in my choice.

I like the Graco Evo in lime green but it does not have air filled tyres??



  • I already have a Silver Cross Linear Freeway from my 1st child. I think it is amazing but realise it won`t be for everyone. The reason I got it was because the carrycot unit becomes the seat which means that when the child is older you can still lie the seat completely flat if they are tired when out for a stroll. Most prams only have a tilt on the seat which means the child is still in a bent position. It also means I only have 2,albeit large, pieces to store. it is sturdy and feels strong and safe for little one and another big plus was at it came with everything; no seperate footmuff raincover purchase which I find ridiculous in other makes. It even comes with a matching changing bag. 

    It doesn`t have airfilled tyres, it is quite big and won`t fit in small car boots and it doesn`t look as conventionally pretty as some others either. It was very competetively priced and we got it on offer; join the Mothercare baby club as I think they send you a voucher for money off prams which is worth having whatever you are looking at. It is also still like new 2 and a half years later and the one time I had to deal with cs ( there was a bit of velcro missing on the carseat footmuff) they were superb and very quick.

    I am so pleased I don`t have to make that decision again - good luck and let us know what you go for in the end.

  • We are looking at a baby jogger city versa.

    we had a silver cross linear freeway last time but I have had to change my car from a Honda civic to a fiesta. The versa fits in the boot with the seat on parent or world facing : ) exactly what I wanted!!!!!
  • I had an icandy cherry for dd which on reflection was far too expensive for what it was.i ended up buying a petite star zia when she was a year old and we've used ever since as icandy was bulky even though it's one of the lightest! i got taken in by how pretty it was image

    so i would advise if you are going for a travel system with carrycot (which are great especially when you can transfer infant carrier from car to frame) get a cheaper one as you might ditch it for a lightweight stroller when baby gets more sturdy/older like i did. happy choosing 




  • Hi everyone,

    We have put a deposit down on a Silver Cross 3D Jet Sport, it had good reviews seemed quite lightweight and wasnt too expensive. Spent a fortune on my DD's one 4 years ago and definitely wasnt worth it as ended up getting a more lightweight stroller after just over a year!

  • Minieggs why didnt you like the cherry, was it just the weird weight and folding we're looking at them as they are cheaper than the versa second hand
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