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Hi all,

there were so many pages on our other thread so thought we could start again..

hope everyone is well? and still here?!

hopefully within a week all Sept people will have had their scans.

i found out im having a boy today image all well except placenta bit low so need a future scan though sonographer said it should move, really hope so!

tulip did you have your scan today too?

in reply to other thread,

tali, yes all painting is done now, just waiting for carpets to be done image

micromonkey it's great that the kicks are stronger now isnt it, though i wasnt impressed  this morning when one actually woke me at 5am!







  • Aww another blue bundle : ) I can't wait to see mine on Monday! Low placenta is a pain but an extra scan will be nice.

  • yes micro extra scan is the way to look at it, though i wasn't impressed when i was told it will be an internal image

    yey monday is not too long away for you!

    yes seem to be a few September boys, we should get a list together 

  • Hi again ladies,

    Good idea to start a new thread the other one was packed!

    Ah thats great news minieggs, another boy!! There's going to be lots of September boys I think, congratulations! FC placenta gets out of the way for you, am sure it will and as you both said, it means an extra scan and you cant beat that!!

    @micromonkey is it your 20 week scan on Monday? wishing you lots of luck!

    Well i'm exactly 23 weeks today, seems strange to think that in another weeks time baby would be considered medically 'viable' if born at this time. How are you all finding time is going at the minute? One minute it seems to be dragging and then the next minute it scares me to think how little time we've got left, 17 weeks left for me!! Still have so much to buy!!

    My kicks are getting stronger every day but still no joy on feeling them from the outside, think it is because I'm a chubster lol!

  • Hi everyone! Good idea to start a new thread.

    @Minieggs yes had my scan yesterday and all ok thank goodness. Baby was wriggling around again. Baby is in breech but plenty of time to for movement to happen. Got lovely pictures baby is laid on its tummy looking down which is different but apparantly normal. We didn't find out so still a surprise. Congrats on finding out you are having a boy!! image

    @Tali I am feeling much more movement now which is lovely. xxx



  • Hi all, getting quite exciting now, getting little movements, and I'm huge, but feel ok now despite being diagnosed with spd. Guess it's fun for the future. Trying to get my head around prams etc, but little on has a coupl of outfits. We didn't find out the sex, so still a surprise. Hope you are all ok x

  • Hi again ladies. 

    hope everyone is good?   Aw minieggs. congrats on finding out your having a boy. Boys a plenty on this thread!! so pleased for you. image  fc placenta moves but as the girls say, another scan is a good way to look at it..  Glad to also hear that decorating is all done . Hope your feet are well and truly up now. image 

    micromonkey. How was your scan?

    Tali. I was thinking same thing that I am going to have a big baby. Kicks are oh so strong. take my breath away sometimes and I'm only 23 weeks. Goodness know what they will be like when she gets bigger again lol. It is very nice though......  time to me seems to be going first, can't believe I'm 23 weeks.  ihad my midwife appointment again today and got matb1 form so its that time to work out when I am going to start maternity. Was thinking off working as close to my date as possible. Oh decisions decisions!! How was your break away with family. We visited ohs family down south this weekend. Was lovely and nice to get some warm weather....

    tulip. Glad scan went well and all okay.  yes plenty of time for baby to move. I'm sure he/she will move soon image.

    jenben. Good for you on not finding out sex, wish I was strong lol

    hope the rest of you ladies are well. Rubyjavy, aimsie and  apologies to anyone missed xx





  • Had my scan yesterday too. Baby is fine but was very sleepy. First of all it was facing down so they couldn't do all the checks, she sent me away to do a wee and jump up and down a bit, when I for back it was facing forward and she could do all the checks but meant our pics weren't very good as not in profile. Baby looks like an alien! We didn't find out either so will now spend the next 20 weeks guessing and annoying myself in general. 

    Glad to hear all the babies are kicking away, mine's a bit nocturnal which is frustrating to say the least. Sorry to hear about spd diagnosis jenben I had it last time and it's really bad with this preg. Have a physio appointment tomorrow so hoping I'll get some good advice. It's getting me down as I pile on weight easily enough but can't do any exercise so worried I'm going to get huge!

    Dmari, I am hoping to work as close to due date as possible too. With my daughter i worked until a week before she was due but she was 2weeks late anyway. Want to make the most of the maternity leave! 

    Can't believe some of you only have 17 weeks left. Seems so many less than 20 somehow. How exciting image

    Take care all xXx

  • hi all,

    thanks, my dd seems to like the idea of having a little bro so all good here!! image

    tali yes 24 weeks is the next milestone, i think this pregnancy has gone quick compared to my first due to having dd, i remember first 20 weeks dragging last time

    tulip that's great about your scan, hope baby moves in time for you x 

    oh jenben sorry to hear about the spd image

    dmari my feet are nearly up! had so much on recently! im hoping to get my matb1 form soon and organised too. weekend away sounds great, hope you  had some rest x 

    babytummy your baby sounds cute being too tired to perform, think mines cheeeky as he was jumping around like a nutcase !



  • Mines a girl! really expected another boy so was v surprised!! 

  • Lol @ minieggs. It was pretty cute as when she prodded to try and wake baby it was putting its arm over its face and hiding. It was also cuddling the placenta and kept trying to sort of snuggle away! It is nice when they are really active though as you tend to see more character. Yours sounds cute, I like a cheeky baby, all I know about mine is that it's lazy.

    Congrats on your girl anotherlovelybean, it's that one of each then? I have a girl already and would love another but equally would love a boy for a change. My daughter had some beautiful clothes and  suppose I would like to see them worn again, but I can always have another, teehee. 

    I am going to have have to admit to washing all the baby clothes and even packing some into a hospital bag image I'll probably have to wash them again before it's born but I just love all the prep and getting to see those tiny outfits again. It's helped me work out what new bits we need too image

    Hope everyone is going ok in the heat (and the miserable weather today too)


  • Coping,  not going. Sorry - autocorrect makes things up for me sometimes!!

  • My scan is next monday, but thanks for asking.

    Im 20 weeks today, the curse of being due at the end of the month i'm trailing behind everyone. Half way there and ive put n a grand total of 6lbs!

    Babytummy2 thats exactly how I feel 2 the same would have been lovely but a boy after a girl seems all new and exciting. my husband now calls bump my little avenger which I love!!! Going to have to find some comic book geek outfits : )


  • @tulip congrats on a successful scan and well done for not finding out, youve got much more willpower than me lol!

    @jenben another one with willpower, well done you. What does your spd feel like? I'm getting a terrible pain low down on one side when I try to walk around after being sat down for an hour or so, its horrible and makes me hobble! Hope yours isnt too bad!

    @dmari yes ive got matb1 all sorted now am leaving on 25th july and having 6 days annual leave then maternity leave starts officially on 5th August, counting the weeks down now cant wait to leave!! Weekend was lovely thanks didnt want to go home, we was in London and it was sooo hot on the Friday, lovely! Hope you had nice time too!

    @babytummy 2 , glad your scan went ok sounds like a funny one lol, did you choose not to find out or was baby being awkward? Mine was more during the day and still is but he's also starting to kick a lot at night now as I'm going to sleep hehe. Made me laugh out loud to read that you'd washed all the clothes I've been considering doing that and also thinking about getting my maternity bag sorted but oh keeps telling me its too early lol!

    @anotherlovely bean congrats to you hun, lovely news!!

    @micromonkey wishing you best of luck for the scan, keep us posted!

    My OH finally felt little man kick last night, has made my week, soooo happy and he was too he got a bit emotional bless him!

    Have  alovely weekend everyone xx

  • thats lovely anotherlovelybean x 

    very organised babytummy, i may start to look through some of dd old clothes to find the neutrals soon!

    micro- little avenger is cute! hope Monday goes well x 

    tali, my hubby felt a kick the other night too, it's great that they can feel our bubbas now. he's started to talk to him lots too which is nice x 

    my dd made me laugh  at the park today. my hubby took her there last weekend and let her go on a big climbing frame she's never been on before, (something I'm obviously not going to do at present!) anyway he said he explained to her that i couldn't take her on it. we went there with my friend today and my dd turned to her and said "my daddy took me on that big climbing frame cos he hasn't got a baby in his tummy" image

  • Hi everyone, I am really starting to notice the bump now image & the hubby can feel the movement, my mum felt a kick too, she was chuffed! 

    @minieggs I have been told I have a low placenta & have another scan booked at 34 weeks, I am not too worried, my anti natal yoga teacher said that it will move, its rare that they dont!

    I am worried I have SPD going to speak to midwife at next app, get terrible pain in lower back on one side and in my hip, feel a bit like a grandma!!!

    I took bump to his first concert last night, the Big Reunion, got a fair few kicks at that image 

    I have a glucose test coming up at end of the month, is anyone else having this? 

    I am going to the Baby Show at the NEC in a couple of weeks, hoping to pick up some good deals image hubby is now inboarc with the need to get organised, convinced him waiting till Aug is not the best plan!!!

  • Hi all!

    It really is lovely to hear all your news! Can i just ask what is spd?

    @Aimsie I have a glucose test in June at the hopsital as diabetes is in my family. Congrats on finding out you are having a girl.

    My bump has grown since my scan on tuesday and I can feel baby much more now which is exciting.

    @Jenben looks like we are going to keep everyone guessing with out little surprise bundles - any inkling as to what you are having my OH thinks we are having a girl. I genuinely don't have a clue. image


  • @tali_elli We didn't want to know. I think she would have been able to tell us had we wanted to as baby was cooperative on that front. Didn't find out with my little girl and was convinced she was going to be a boy but managed to stick with neutral clothes so whatever this one is we should be sorted for the first couple of months anyway. Myhusband hadn't been able to feel baby yet but he can see it making my tummy move. doesn't have the patience to sit and wait for a kick. hopefully in a couple of weeks it will be moving more and a little stronger too. 

    Your daughter sounds v cutecute minieggsno1, how old is she? Mine is 2 and a half but I'm not sure she really understand what is going on. She likes the scans and knows the pictures are of "baby tummy" which is her name for it. And she kisses my bump and cuddles it but i really don't think she knows that in a few months she will have a little brother or sister. Not entirely sure it's sunk in for me yet!!!

    @Aimsie I have a glucose test too. I think it's meant to be at week 29 or something. I didn't with my last pregnancy but since then my Dad has been diagnosed with diabetes so I to have it this time. A low sugar diet and plenty of exercise should help with glucose levels but sadly one of my sickness relievers (yup, still got it) are liquorice allsorts and with my spd I am struggling to get the exercise in, it's so frustrating, I get huge in pregnancy as it is and don't lose weight easily either. Grrrrr.

    @Tulip1980 spd is 'symphisis pubis dysfunction' it's when the ligaments loosen toomuch thanks to the body producing too much relaxin which is the hormone that allows your pelvis to move enough for the baby to pass through when you give birth, yay!! I think now they refer to it more often as pgp which is 'pelvic girdle pain' and refers to any pain in the pelvic area. Mine is in the symphisis pubis which is the bony bit at the front of your groin. It is super painful and makes walking very difficult, i've been given some exercises to try but it looks like I will be on crutches pretty soon. It can be pain in the hips, back, groin, upper leg all sorts. I strongly recommend that anyone suffering pain in these areas speak to their midwife as soon as possible so it can be properly assessed as it can be quite debilitating. The good news is that it does tend to go once baby is born.

    Congrats to everyone regarding the scans, glad everything seems to be turning out well. Hope everyone is well and looking after themselves.



  • Thanks babytummy! I have been getting lower back pain quite a lot but i teach 3 & 4 yr olds so I am leaning over a lot during the day which I was putting it down to but will check with mw if it gets worse. There are so many different things that you can develop during pregnancy.

      Another surprise baby for you too so we will keep everyone guessing til bambino chooses to arrive!! I can't wait to come back on here during September and find out what you and Jeben have had and what names everyone has chosen for their little bundles.

    We are in process of moving house so in super organised mode which is not normally a natural thing for be - despite being a teacher - but since being pregnant have been much more organised naturally. It must be the nesting instinct kicking in.

  • @aimsie I also have glucose test booked for 13th June due to BMI being too high and my uncle and cousin have diabetes, bit worried about mine but what will be will be i guess and most cases of gestational diabetes are easily controlled by dietary management so I've read. Glad you kicked husband into shape, think I need to do the same lol!

    @babytummy2 ahh thats lovely, ive seen a few movements now as well, no obvious body parts sticking out yet but definite bumps popping up lol. Thats great youve still got some neutral clothes will come in really handy for you!

    @micro how was scan on Monday? Hope everything was ok

    I have a mw appointment tomorrow afternoon just a check up, going to mention the possibility of spd, mine is really bad on one side and worse when ive been sat at work for a while and then i get up, makes me really waddle and is quite painful but only on right side, does anyone know if this is normal for spd? Never had it in first pregnancy.

    Only 10 more weeks tomorrow until I go on maternity leave, cant wait am counting the days! How long does everybody else have?

    Hope you're all ok xx

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