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how do you get the little timeline under your comments?

Hey guys,

I've noticed a lot of you have a little timeline type thing that comes up underneath your comments that says how old your children are and when your babies are due.

How do you get these? I want one lol  image


  • hey tali 

    my ticker is from a website called lillypie, go on there and make one then copy n paste link into your signature on here (on your account setting)

  • Hi Tali,

    They are called 'tickers' & can be found on various websites including Lilypie & Tickerfactory.

    You visit the website & select the option of ticker you want to track (days until you ovulate, pregnancy, days until child's next birthday) & then follow the steps to make your own ticker.  Once you have followed all the steps you will find a list of codes for use on different websites (Facebook, twitter, forums) you will need to highlight & copy the 'BB code'.

    You then need to return to this site & open your profile page.  Go to your signature box & paste the code link in the box before saving the changes.  If you have done it correctly your ticker will instantly appear on all of your posts.  Best wishes.

  • Just checking its working xx

  • Ahh yay it worked! Thanks both of you much appreciated xx

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