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New to this :)

Hiya, i'm new to this site so i thought i'd introduce myself  image

 i'm Tasha, 18 and due on the 12th September with my first image




  • Hi Tasha,

    Welcome and congratulations image do you know what you're having?

    I'm 24, pregnant with my second, its a little boy due on 4th September and I have a dd who will be 4 in June.

    How are you getting on?


  • Hiya image No i don't, I couldn't find out at my 20week scan as baby had its legs crossed! But i have booked a private 4D scan for the 7th June, so hopefully i can find out then image

    Aw, i am doing good thanks image Just abit of backache and a couple of sleepless nights but its all worth it image what about you?


  • Hi,

    I'm due on the 26th with my second. I have a girl who is 3 and am having a boy.

  • Ahh thats my dd's birthday, hope you can find out then!

    Glad you're doing well, and yep it is definitely all worth it. I have been having a bit of pelvic pain when I'm sat for too long in the same position at work but mw advised me to buy a support bump band from Mothercare and picked one up at the weekend and its working a treat! Good for back pain too if yours gets any worse xx

  • Oo really aww, not long now! image

    & Might try that out if it gets any worse, normally a warm bath or a heat pad sorts it out image xx

  • HI Tasha,

    I am 22+2 pregnant with my first baby. Im due on 21st September so not long after you! We are not finding out the sex but I hope you get the chance to on your next scan, fingers crossed. I have back ache and a weird pain down my side which is nothing to worry about but just annoying.

    STILL deciding on a pushchair think we are going to go for the Uppababy Vista. Have you picked one yet?


  • Hiya image aww hows it going for you so far? & yeah me to, i have heard that on 4D scans its really clear, unless babys being shy again! haha

    Yeah i bought my pushchair around 12 weeks! I saw a really good deal at Babies'r'us, £150 for a pushchair, car seat, carry cot and everything else you need, so i thought i'd buy it before it sells out! I'm not sure if they still have it but its worth having a look in Babies'r'us image


  • hi im kayleigh im 23 weeks 2mor wit a baby girl.

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