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Measuring Big

My midwife said that I'm measuring 6 weeks ahead(at 28 weeks I'm measuring 35cm) and that she was worried and going to send me to have a scan in the next two weeks, well it been two weeks now and I have not herd any think from her or had a letter from the hospital and now I'm worrying ... baby is moving constantly so should I just take that as a good sign that all is OK??



  • i dont want to read and pass hope everything is ok and im sure therez no problem if hes big u going to go to labour early thats all. if he/she was measuring small tht was gonna be a problem. call your gp and found out

  • Id ring and chase as will want to rule out diabetes etc x

  • Hey

    I had diabetes test 3 weeks ago as was measuring big then but all came back clear. I think I'm worrying more because of how she kept on about it then havent heard any think.


  • Hiya hun was everything measuring as it should be at your 20 week scan?

    The fact that baby is kicking and active is a great sign, baby is obviously doing well.

    I would definitely chase scan up though as if nothing else will put your mind at rest.

    I had my 32 week appointment with mw this morning and am measuring 2 weeks ahead. She said its not a cause for concern as glucose text came back negative but at my next appointment in 2 weeks time if it is still 2 weeks ahead then they will take a look but I asked her if it was a sign of anything being wrong and she said no just that you're growing a big strong baby, so try not to worry hun im sure everything will be fine image

  • I'd phone her and ask, it can't hurt and your appointment may have not been made yet, you'll get to see Baby again image  Mine didn't even measure me yet, just said everything felt fine.

    tali they class aanything 2cm either side of your number of weeks as normal.

  • Im hoping he may come early lol x

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