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Maternity Leave Activities

Hi everyone,

I am starting my Maternity Leave this Friday and as much as I am looking forward to finishing work I am already starting to dread how bored I am going to be and how much this is going to make the final weeks drag.

I am 34 weeks tomorrow so approx 6 weeks left to go. I have a DD who is 4 and will be at home with me other than 2 afternoons at work she'll be going into nursery.

Can anyone suggest any fun but not massively expensive activities to make the time go quicker??

Would love to hear any ideas as I know that that I am the most impatient person ever and sitting around waiting will turn me into a crazy wreck lol

Thanks guys xx


  • sorry was meant to say 2 afternoons a week re: my dd not at work haha!

  • I cooked n froze loads of meals and cleaned everywhere, washed dried n put away all baby's clothes, not fun as such but I enjoyed it x

  • I didn't do anything and it was terrible!!! I put on so much weight in the last 6 weeks because I was do lazy!! Keep active, go for walks daily. You could get into baking or something to keep you occupied through the day? Congrats btw image

  • Yeah your little one would love baking with u x

  • at work we only have 6 weeks maternity leave and its driving us all crazzy pregnant ladies they work untill last moment. you dont go untill your last day, you must make sure that you leave today and give birth tomorrow so that you can spend that six weeks with your baby. so i will be here untill the last days. dont asks me why its six weeeks only i dont know maybe its because we are not permanent they always sign us for 2 years contract i ve been working here for 6 years now.

    talieli go and enjoy clean the house cook do everything i wish i can be you

  • I'm pretty sure that's against the law yogueta, every woman is entitled to 9 months regardless of how long they have been working there, you should speak to citizens advice. I'm unemployed but because I have worked up until now even I will get 9 months maternity leave and the job centre will pay me as I don't have an employer. You really should get some advice cuz that is so completely wrong! X

  • I'm going to be the same, leaving 9th aug, that weekend will be okay while partner is off but I'll be going crazy after a few days on my own, apart from doing the swap and sell thing on facebook and house things, I honestly don't know what i'll be doing!

  • My plans are simple, enjoy playing with dd while there is just me and her. Going to do some craft activities, trips to the park, swimming all the gun things we have to squeeze in at the weekends. Today we are off for a 4d scan and then to visit my family.

  • Think baking would be a good idea but then I'll get really fat lol cuz will have to eat it all hehe!!

    @Yogueta that doesnt sound right at all, I thought the same as LH86 that that is illegal, you are entitled to it I am sure, that sounds horrible and definitely think you should take some advice on it.

    @Katie you sound just like how I'll be image

    @micro I am really looking forward to spending time with DD before she starts school in September but she also gets really bored unless she's constantly doing something which obviously can be quite tiring at this stage although will probably do me good. We've got a trip to the cinema and the swimming pool planned for next week but dont want to keep doing stuff that costs a lot of money. SWimming is fine but cinema costs a fortune. Definitely need to do walks in the park feeding the ducks etc. How did your 4d scan go? Bet it was amazing!!

    Well I'm in my last hour and a half at work, fun begins tomorrow!! x

  • Tali, the scan was fab, he was a bit of a tinker hiding behind his arms then we got a fab photo where he looks like he is smiling. Now having a relax at my parents. We try to go swimming once a week too

  •  I'm keeping busy with dd by seeing friends and doing park, messy things etc. can be tricky when you're tired but like your dd tali mine gets bored if not doing something at least once a day. 

    the other day i got a big craft box out and let her go through it all and get on with it, was great as she was doing it for ages whilst i read my mag and had a cup of tea, every rest moment is precious now isnt it!!



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