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  • Hey girls. Well my little girl arrived safe and well Friday 23rd... Was a long labour but worth it for the end result. image just out of hospital this afternoon hence the late announcement. 

    Hope everyone is doing good and the birth announcements start to roll in....


  • great news, congrats!! sorry to hear it was long though! what did your little girl weigh? xx


  • Congratulations dmari. What have you called her? Hope you are feeling well x


  • Congrats to u dmari!!!! Nice to hear ur baby arrived safely and ur both doin u can join me in my sleepless nites image

    How much did she weigh? Ne names?

    How's the rest of u getting on? Every bodies gone quiet..........

    My wee one is having weight gaining problems image she lost 10.9% after 3 days, then went up by 4g, so wen I came home and midwife checked she had lost 8.9% of her birth weight, which checked again went bak upto 9.2%.......

    so the midwife told me to top her up after every feed even tho she knew I was trying to exclusively breastfeed her, but becos I was worried abt her weight I started topping her up, n now her weight had gone up wen midwife checked yest, but my milk supply has gone down......

    so now I'm obsessively trying to breastfeed her and express the rest of the milk so my body knows to make more than before, but so far it's not happening.......

    I'm trying not to stress abt it becos that just makes the milk supply worse doesn't it? But it's really hard cos it's just a vicious cycle that keeps goin round.......less milk so more formula which means even less milk the next time which equals stress which equals less milk again...... AAARGH
  • Sorry to hear you are having bf issues ruby it's a nightmare. Have you tried taking fenugreek to try and up your milk production? And make sure you are drinking enough as dehydration can also cause you to make lessmilk. Hope supply picks up soon x

  • Stretch & sweep today.....really unpleasant,  feel all a bit out of sorts, emotional n just odd...fingers crossed it works or I have to face another next week!!!!!

  •  oh no ruby, hope you get the bf issues sorted image x

    aimsie, last time i had two sweeps, not nice i know but preferable to induction. my labour started about a day after the second. good luck...

    saw mw today, all ok, roll on Sun and Sept!

  • How are you this morning Aimsie? Any signs the stretch and sweep has worked? 

    Ruby and dmari. How are your little girls doing?

    I'm just pootling along 36+1 no signs at all feeling fine. Hope everyone else waiting is feeling fine too


  • Congratulations dmari cant wait to hear birth story!

    How are you getting on with the bf ruby? Hope your little lady is doing well. 

    Aimsie any news since your sweep?

    how's everybody else getting on?

    im 39 + 2 today and thoroughly fed up with waiting now. Have had no symptoms other than the odd bit of back ache and period type cramps on and off. No show or plug loss so frustrating! I have a sweep booked for tuesday afternoon and really hoping it gets things going cuz have had enough now am an emotional wreck lol xx

  • Hi guys, how r u all? Ur nearly there girls!!! Can't wait!!!

    I've just registered her birth today. Only got 21 days to do that in in Scotland.......

    Bf is still not going well. I mean she's latching on fine, sucking swallowing, was sleeping n waking 4 hourly, BUT she's not gaining weight, she's still not back upto her birth weight so the MW n HV have been on my case to feed 3 hourly n to feed her first, then express n give her that n then to top her that's all I'm doing......

    N stupidly last week wen my milk came in I followed the MW's advice abt only feeding from the one breast per feed to calm the engorgment down becos I was getting realy hard n sore, but that's really pushed my milk supply bak so I'm now stressing over that n expressing 2 hourly Wenever I can to bring my milk supply up, but I've been doin that since mon n there's still no improvement. I bought fenugreek caps on wed n been eating then aswell..........I'm just so frustrated cos if it wasn't for her weight gain issue then I wudve been doin everything how I wanted to n not listened to all these MW's with their different advice n messed up my milk supply or gotten so stressed out abt feeding her image sumtimes I just sit n cry whilst I'm pumping cos I was getting 100 mls last week, n nw I'm only getting 40-50 mls which is only half of wat she needs, so either my 2 hourly expressed milk makes up the extra or it has to b formula milk........

    I had my heart set on breastfeeding cos I really enjoyed it the last time, but last time my prob was lots of milk bt baby wudnt latch on til 3 months so I expressed n fed her til she latched on, but now my baby's latching on n there's lil milk n no weight gain........

    I just don't kno wat else to do that I'm already not trying :'-(
  • Update on the sweep I think I have lost my mucus plug well and truely now but thats the only sign so far....kinda hoping she holds off till at least sunday as dont want her only just turning 4 then being shipped off to school, if she can hold till sept she will then just have turned 5....silly I know but just hate tge idea of buying school stuff when she only 3, not sure I would be ready to let go!!! 

    Keep st it with the bf ruby, I am sure it will all work out!

    On feedinv I am hoping to bf, but have been looking into formula incase I need to switch....anyone any advise on what to go for? From initial look aptimal &  cow n gate are pretty much the same just aptimal is considered 'premium' 

  • Our dd was formula fed from 6 weeks we started with cow and gate then switched to aptamil, until c&g she was feeding 4 hourly, on c&g it dropped to about 2 1/2 hours then went back up to 4 hrs with aptamil.

  • Got my sweep at 3pm today wish me luck ladies that it gets my little man moving x

  • Oooooh good luck Tali. Keep us posted... 

    Hope bf is going ok now ruby. image

    Aimsie any news after your sweep?

    Hope the rest of you ladies are doing okay... 

    Sorry not posted in a while, amazing how time flies when looking after a little one..... Today was meant to be my official due date. image

    To answer all your questions. She is doing great thanks... image. My labour was long...... My waters broke on the Wednesday about 16.30 ish. Contractions started on the Thursday early morning all be it not painful at that point started getting stronger at about 3, and hospital advised I stay at home until they get closer together, about 5 mins apart. Was at that stage about 22.00 that night and taken straight to labour suite where the labour was longer than norm as she was back to back... It got to the stage they thought I was going to have to get a c section because of how she was positioned, however miracle happened that I delivered naturally and she was born at 6 lbs 8 on Friday at 8pm .. Wasnt a traumatic labour just very long and very much worth it of course xx




  • good luck tali, do you have another sweep booked?

    good to hear you are getting on well dmari 

    ruby, hope bf is bit better?

    aimsie i know what you mean re the school year, i felt the same. Hope things kick off soon for you. if bf doesn't work for us i will use aptamil

    nothing much happening here except yesterday i had shooting pains down below though baby is head down so not kicking. am hoping the pressure will get something happening at some point. anyone else had this, can't remember if i had it last  time or not. read it could be baby laying on a nerve?



  • Hi everyone. How's everyone?

    Bf'ing is still chaotic at the moment. I've had a gud few tantrum days where I've wanted to throw in da towel. But then I remember my breastfeeding days from my last baby n try to keep at it just so I can get those days bak cos they were really special after the initial n normal chaotic 6-8 weeks........

    I'm pumping n feeding n sterilising, trying to keep formula feeds as little as possible, n just trying to keep my milk supply up n running, but as usual I stupidly followed my health visitors advice on not bothering with the pumping n stuff n just to ebf her, n after 3 days my milk just started disappearing, so Ive started pumping like a maniac again to get my milk supply up. Da prob is my baby latches on but doesn't suck, so there's no stimulation so milk supply going down but nobody is listening to me, as long as she doesn't lose weight again nobody is caring how I'm struggling trying to maintain my supply cos she won't suck.

    They've all just seen her latch on n left it at that. Won't even see if there's a tongue tie or ne other medical reason y she goes on but won't suck.......

    Dmari I'm just wondering how ur coping? R u breastfeeding or formula feeding? Or both? I Thot if have to listen to everyone's lects if I started ff but everyone's told me to just do it since in struggling so much to keep up with her, but then again I don't want to, especially while I've got help from my sis for now.......

    But it's her last week this week, n then I mite have to consider giving in cos 3 kids, a newborn, housework n cooking n my mil r just too much to take on aswell as the sleepless nites n the expressing........I just wish I didn't feel like such a failure n disappointed in myself everytime I think of giving up............
  • Hey all, anyone else popped? tali??

    no baby here yet, saw mw today and he is a bit lower so hopefully he will stay down and get a wriggle on. had lots of pressure n cramps recently so am hopeful. if not my sweep is booked for 40+2, had to go on at her to get that appt, they wanted to just not see me till 41 weeks! i wasnt having that as i was so overdue with dd!

    hope bf does improve ruby it can be tough can't it but should get better in time x

  • Still no arrival here, 3 sweeps done, got another on tuesday as a last hope then am booked to be induced on wednesday....really hope she is here before then!! I am 40+6 today, the waiting is killing me!!! Want to show her off to the world image 

    Ruby dont put too much pressure on yourself, you are NOT a fsilure if you stop the breast feeding and dont let anyone make you think otherwise...surely a happy content mum n baby is better than a stressed and anxious pair!!!!

  • Thanx guys. Ur words are comforting........just wish she wud hurry up n latch on so I can diss this pumping n bottle feeding......

    Neways how r u guys?!?! Nobody else had their baby yet? Bet ur all so excited!!!!!! My baby's 5 weeks today........I cnt believe how fast it's gone with all the nappy changing n feeding.........

    Hope u r all well........
  • hey ruby, ah must be so tricky all that pumping and juggling your other kids etc! have you seen a lactation consultant for advice?

    cant believe your lo is 5 weeks, wowsers!

    im thinking everyone else must have their hands full with babies, looks like just me and babytummy left here at the mo!

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