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  • Im still here, still pregnant! 39+1. Just waiting for something and anything to happen!

  • Hmmmm.......don't laff but I Thot lactation consults only existed in America or sumat? Never heard of one here, n neither the health visitors or midwives have suggested seeing ne........all they suggesting I'd goin to breastfeeding support clinics which r only on like once a week in the morning, n no matter how desperate I am, I can not function in the mornings rite now after bein up all nite wit lo, enuff to get myself n her ready to go to a clinic halfway into town image

    I wonder if Tallis had her baby.........

    I'm sure u 2 will be in the same sleepless nite boats with us pretty soon........ Just enjoy da peace while u can, lol
  • image

     my laptops got fixed so i thot id a foto of my baby as promised!!!


  • Awww Ruby she is cute!

  • Ah lovely piccie ruby, she is cute. Ha well i had a lactation consultant come to my home with dd to correct her tongue tie and she was very helpful with the bf advice etc, i found some health visitors better than others at the clinics but sounds as if you've got your hands full trying to get there.

    Hi micromonkey, how you doing?

  • Lovely pic Ruby, what a sweet baby image Hello all, I am  still waiting. Due tomorrow but my naughty baby had dis-engaged itself at my appointment today, so I have been told it won't be any time soon image How are you doing micromonkey? Any signs yet?  xXxXx

  • Thanx guys. She's perfect in every way, a really good baby, it's just her not sucking effectively or staying latched on that is the problem.........

    I'm seeing a really good breastfeeding midwife/lactation consultant on wed, so FC that she turns it all around for me.

    Apart from the tongue tie are u getting on ok minnieggs?

    Sorry to hear about your baby disengaging baby tummy, these days must b dragging by for u.......

    How u doing micro monkey? Anybody know wats happened to talli?

    GL to u all
  • Hi everybody sorry its been so long its been a manic couple of weeks but am happy to announce my little boy was born on the 12th after another quick labour. He's absolutely gorgeous and weighed in at 8lbs 3ozs. Managed without an epidural this time which I was pleased about and was out of hospital the same day. His big sister is smitten with him as are mummy and daddy. His name is Elijah Zayn.


    ruby your little girl is absolutely beautiful!


    How is everybody else getting on? Any more births? Wishing you all the best of luck xx

  • Good luck today ruby, hope you get some good advice. It was dd who had tt when born, this little man isn't out yet!

    Hey tali, good to hear from you. Big congrats on your baby. How quick was the labour?

    Had my sweep yesterday and apparently am 2cm already so thinking I'll need to get a dash on once contractions start?! Am booked in for another Fri, mw said she thinks it'll kick off after that. We'll see!

    Micromonkey and baby tummy how are you both? And anyone else?

  • My labour was 3 and a half hours didn't have time to get the water birth id wanted unfortunately but everything happened so quick. I was checked and was 5cm dilated and asked for an epidural shortly after but couldnt have one as was 9.5cm dilated by then. And then he was out like a shot after that! Cord was wrapped around his back and shoulders quite tight so he went off for a little bit of oxygen but was back to me within 2 mins and have been in love ever since!!


    cant wait to hear everyone else's stories and experiences xx

  • Hi liitle one arrived on 15th sept via a forcep delivery, bit traumatic & was in hosp for 5 days but all home n recovering well now image 

    I am struggling with the BF have to use nipple shields and she is not sucking enough so am expressing when I can n resorting to formula to make sure she is getting visitor was very happy with her today, she has put on 8oz image 

    Off to register her tomorrow,  looking forward to getting out and about

    Hope all you are doing ok image 

  • Congratulations aimsie glad you're home safe and well what did you call her? Xx

  • congrats aimsee. quick msg from me as feeding baby! he arrived quickly on thurs like tali think it was about 3.5 hours so no time for water birth. will write more when have chance. hope all doing ok x x 

  • Aw congrats Minieggs, glad you got a speedy labour and have your little bundle now image Look forward to hearing more about it soon. 

    Sounds tiring Aimsee - I had a tough labour with my first and lots of trouble with feeding afterwards too. My daughter never got the hang of it and I chose to express but it is so difficult so sounds like you are doing a fabulous job, well done.

    Congrats TaliElli too, shame you didn't get to try the waterbirth but I guess a quick labour made up for it?  Hope you are still enjoying  your time with your little one. 

    Well, I am still full of baby and desperate to pop. How are you doing Micromonkey? seems to be only us left, I genuinely think I will be an October Mummy image only a few days left now. I am currently 40+3, was induced with my first and have a feeling the same fate may await me with this lazy creature!

    Make sure you all look after yourselves and enjoy your precious first days and weeks xXxXx


  • Hmm so my post is apparently blank!

    I'm here, baby Ryan arrived on his Due date the 26th weighing 8lb 1oz after s labour of 4hrs 59. He is lovely and snuggly. We are home now getting used to feeding all night x
  • Congrats Micromonkey, so pleased for you. Hope the night feeds aren't too tiring.

    Crazily enough that's me out too. Baby William was born at 8:24 this morning, 8lb14oz. At 6:15am I was 2cm!! So chuffed with a natural labour, wasn't allowed water as waters had broken at 2:30am but it all happened so quick I didn't mind. Got my September baby after all and another boy to add to the fairly extensive list here. Was back home for lunch and  just chillaxing for now before the feeding frenzy begins!! Love to all Mummies and Babies xXxXx

  • Ahh congratulations to everyone think thats all of us now? How is everyone getting on with their little ones? All is good here although struggling to get little man into a routine with his feeding. Sometimes he'll take 4ozs and sleep for a good few hours and then at other times can only get him to take 2ozs and then he's waking up every hour for more! Xx

  • Hi Talli. We are all good thanks, I am exhausted but loving every minute now the first week is over. I know it's frustrating but I think it's totally normal for babies to take several weeks to sort themselves out into a routine. William is 10 days old now and I am breastfeeding so don't know how much he gets at each feed but sometimes he'll feed for quite a while and other times he'll just snack and then want more 30 mins later. He had a feeding frenzy a couple of times when he feed every hour for a whole day, that was hard work! How is your little man doing now? How about everyone else, can you believe our babies are all over a week old now xXxXx

  • Hiya, it really has been a rollercoaster,  but love my little girl so much.

    We are not doing too bad feeding wise, she generally goes 3 hrs then wants more but have had the odd day where I feel like I am constantly feeding her....

    I cant belueve she will be 4 weeks old on sunday, where has that month gone, she has changed abd grown so much, already got a lot of clothes that no longer mummy an excuse to buy more pretty things image (hit the monsoon sale today...whoops dont tell dad ha ha) 

    Hope you are all doing ok and enjoying motherhood image

  • Hey girls.... Hope everyone and their little babas are doing well. That's my  little girl 12 weeks old now, can't believe how fast times goes. She is a real joy, all full of the giggles and cooing away.. quick post but thought I would just say a hello and send my best wishes xxx

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