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Was due Aug 2013

Well, I have now come over to this group (if ok)...still waiting for my little darling who is 12 days late. I go in on Thurs evening to be induced if nothing happens!! image

Hope all are well. xx


  • Aw, bless you. I was 2 weeks over with my 1st and ended up being induced. At least you know it can't be long now, lol. I have 3 weeks, or possibly 5 to go :-S Can't wait. Hope you get your little baby soon xXxXxXx

  • Hi,

    Hope your baby comes soon. my dd was 11days over so i know it's no fun image

    good luck with the induction if you haven't already gone into labour! keep us posted! x 


  • Not long now good luck x

  • Hi

    Darling daughter arrived 5/9/13 by emergency c-section at 1;51am 9lb6oz. She wasnt descending, getting distressed and they couldn't reach her to do the blood test to check her distress. She loves breast milk...esp at night (eh, who needs sleep)image



  • Awwww how cute! Congrats x

  • Congratulations! What a cutie image x

  •  Ah congrats to you x 

  • Congrats hun, shes a looker! hope your both doing well xx

  • How did it turn out for you? I am 12 late and my digi came back bfn. I went to the doc and the urine test sowed a slight positive so he did a blood test. I needed at 5 for a positive result and got a 11. He said to come back tomorrow to test again. Tonight I'm having cramps and light spotting. What do you think?
  • Hiya this is just a msg to see how all thoses who was due in aug 13 are doing, I cant believe how quick time has pasted, just wanted to let you those who remembered me that iam 7 weeks pregnant and due oct 14, going to have my hands full, exciting times ahead.
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