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To give you all a giggle

So, it's gone a bit quiet on here - hope it's because you are all busy with little ones arriving. Not for me yet, I will be 39 weeks tomorrow and no signs of anything yet. 

So I thought I would share something with you that might make you laugh if you are stuck in the same position as me, or up for midnight feeds:

I have my midwife appointment tomorrow. I had a friend round today for lunch annd consciously tried to avoid sugary things as they found a trace of glucose in my wee last time. I didn't give a thought to the fact that I stacked my chicken sandwich with beetroot. Oops!! Explaining sugar in wee is one thing, but purple wee......!!


  • hey,

    yep certainly quiet here at the mo. I'm still pregnant too!

    what did the mw say about the purple wee?! hope they didnt find any glucose this time?

    have you started to get the "have you had the baby yet" texts and calls? i have, aarrgghh!

  • I hated those texts! Good luck both x

  • Lol. It was just normal coloured. Was almost diappointed, would have given me something interesting to talk about instead of swollen ankles and not having had a baby yet. No glucose though, so I had a Twirl in the car to celebrate, lol. Little one is now 2/5 engaged and apparently ready to go, although I have been here before and didn't get my daughter until 3 weeks later so not getting v  excited yet. I am booked in for a sweep on  Monday, but, again, tried that last time and they couldn't even do it. Thankfully not had any texts yet, but most people know that my daughter was induced so I don't think they expect anything yet. When is your due date Minieggs? I seem to remember you are a day either behind or in front of me (next Tuesday) I started my mat leave on Monday and am already feeling like it is wasting away without a baby to play with image

  • Thanks LH86 x 

    Ah thats good babytummy and chocolate is the best way to celebrate i agree!

    i was told baby was 1/5 at last appt last week but as you say doesn't mean much second time when they can pop in and out. I'm due Sunday. i dont think people remember my dd was late but anyway everyone seems to say this one will be early so not been helping my patience!! i have a sweep booked for tues. what are you going to plan for your due date? think we will have a big walk with dd!

  • I'm not entirely sure what to do on due date. Can't do long walks as on crutches with SPD and literally struggle to walk to the loo at the moment, but that does sound lovely. Might take daughter to local safari park, could be a laugh if my waters go whilst driving through the lion enclosure. I've been getting mild/moderate contractions all day today and just feel wierd, I don't think it's anything real but hopefully a sign. Even if it means they can reach my cervix to do the sweep on Monday it's something. 

    I hope everyone is right about you being early this time, I just can't be bothered with the waiting any more!! I have a life to get on with, lol. Did you have a sweep last time? Do you think it helped? Like I say they couldn 't do mine and I would give anything not to have to be induced again. I really want the baby in September and ideally before the middle of next week as my parents have a bit of time off at the end of the week and can come down for longer (we live about 6 hours away). Not sure whether the feelings I am getting today are just wishful thinking :-S 

    Take it easy xXxXx

  • ah that would be a sight at the safari park, lol! ah poor you having spd too image

    ive had so much pressure going on today and im trying to decide whether ive had a couple of mild contractions a couple of times or not. im certainly the most uncomfy ive been yet, hopefully good news for us both that things will hapoen and if not yet then will be favourable for our sweeps!

    i had two sweeps last time two days apart and contractions started 24 hours after second so i think it did the trick.

    let me know how you are tomorrow, fingers crossed! x 


  • Harumph. Still here and nothing happening. Feel really uncomfortable today though and keep getting a feeling like I need a wee, but then, quite often I do! Drinking raspberry leaf tea like it's going out of fashion and boinging on the exercise ball but don't think they are helping anything.

    How are you feeling today? Any more niggles? Good news about your sweeps last time, I shall keep my fingers crossed for both of us. Hoping to get a cheeky nap in this avo when my daughter goes down as I feel exhausted.

    Just a couple of weeks to go at the most......

  • Hey, babytummy i posted on the od thread but noticed i didnt reply here, ive had period type pains on and off since the other day, nothing consistent to report though, boo! 

  • Oh, gutted. I thought you had gone quiet because something had happened image Sorry to hear you are still here.  I went to midwife today for my sweep and the little pest had come right back out, not engaged at all, so she couldn't do it. I had some really promising contractions all last night and had really got my hopes up that she would go to do the sweep and say 'Oh, you are already 3cm dilated' or something. Feeling very low as in a lot of pain and not sleeping well at all. She actually said it looked as though I was going to have to be induced again. Hope yours go consistent soon and you get your baby asap xXxXx

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