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Anyone overdue?


Our baby was due on Friday (20th) but he is late! Just wondering if anyone else is overdue too? How do you feel?

I'm disappointed he's not here yet, sounds silly I know but I was convinced he was going to come early and he didn't, then I worked myself up for his due date, and now I hate the waiting... just want to meet him now!

I think I'm finding it more difficult as it's my grandmother's funeral on Thursday and I am worried I will be in labour and miss it image maybe that's why he's hanging on, until afterwards.



  • Hey, sorry to hear about your Grandma. I am not overdue yet as due on Tuesday but went 2 weeks over with my first and I was the same as you, convinced she would be early. It's so frustrating. I really want this one on time as my Mum and Dad can get a few days off at the end of this week to come and visit but I worry that my wishful thinking is setting me up for a fall. Have you had any twinges yet? I've had some contractions but they have turned out to be nothing, but now giving me more false hope. Good luck, I'm sure something will happen soon for you, less than 2 weeks to go either way image

  • Yes as of today I'm in the overdue club. I'm happy i have a sweep booked for tomorrow though, a spark of hope! how are you both sleeping at night? im struggling to get a half decent amount every night now. I'm uncomfy, sweating and needing loo all the time, this is def the worst bit of pg. hope we all dont have too long left. hope you make the funeral c-louise and that you are on time babytummy so you get some time with your parents. mine have plans at the wknd so i rekon baby will want to ruin those....

  • It's suddenly got hot hasn't it? I am finding sleeping at night quite hard too. So uncomfortable and full of baby, plus so hot it's horrible. Think I still have a long time to go sadly as baby has decided to pop back up again so no sweep for me today and a long wait for an induction date by the sounds of things. These babies are pesky little things, so hopefully yours will try and ruin any plans Minieggs as this really is the hardest part. Good luck to all xXxXx

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