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  • Hi

    Went for my pnd assessment yesterday, within 2 minutes she determined i do have pnd! the rest of the apointtment which was about an hour was finding out why and how to deal with it!
    I start on anti depressants today and i have to go for a few councilling sessions but i feel so relieved that i will be better soon!
    I'm going to join a mother and baby group and just generally try and get out more coz thats what is the main problem,i'm usually a very busy person and hate staying in and obviously with a lo its harder to get out and about, so when i got back from my appt yesterday i went straight out for a walk! bumped into my neighbour who said 'oh i don't see you out much starting to worry incase you had pnd!'
    LOL bless her!
    The nurse also said that my oh working nights is a factor too, he has a job interview on saturday i really hope he gets it i've always hated him working nights and she advised that he really should get another job!!

    hopefully i will start to feel good soon! image


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  • Oh Sam im so glad they have done something for you. Its a huge relief when they tell you it isnt your fault, i just burst into tears and couldnt stop crying for ages.
    Good luck to your oh on the interview, fingers crossed he will get it. xxx
    How do you feel after your walk? i need to shift my arse into gear and go for a walk today too. Maybe after lucnh. x
  • Hi girls, hope you don't mind me joining in, sillymoo, reading your post it was like I had written it myself. I am a mum of 2 aged 2 and half and 5 months old, I have been suffering with PND since Jessica's birth in september but have only just admitted it and asked for help. I went through 2 weeks when she was about 8 weeks old of wanting nothing to do with her then felt guilty when a colleagues 7 day old baby died and I pulled myself together. since then I had good days and not so good days, cried a lot, was horrible to my OH and little boy, shouted at him loads, and felt guilty. Finally I told OH how I felt and he helped out a bit more round the house and taking the kids to his mums for a few hours to give me some space. I also feel that I can't wait for him to come home to hand them over. I went on my 1st night out in Dec with girls from work, got very drunk and spent the night in the toilets crying but the 1st time told someone how I felt. I also spoke to HV who was very helful but then a few weeks ago I realised that every day is now a bad day. I always think tomorrow I will feel better and used to feel fine for a few days but I just got worse. I went to the Dr's last week and he has prescribed me Citalopram. I am on day 3 of taking them as we went to Portugal for a week as I was desperate to get away and OH said he thought if I went alone I wouldn't come back! We had a good week and now determined to get better. Other people who do not suffer do not understand and I struggle to understand it myself. I have 2 healthy beautiful children, a boy and a girl, what could be more perfect ??? Anyway my GP was great as I burst into tears as soon as I sat down. reading these posts I realise I am not alone.
  • Hi hun, you are definatly not alone. I really sympathise with you and totally understand how you are feeling. I couldnt understand how i had this little person that i felt nothing for and why did she never sleep or stop crying and what was i doing wrong. I didnt have a tramatic birth but i was only in labour officially for 45 minutes before she was born and it was all so quick i didnt get my barings so to speak. Im feeling so much better now but i still have really bad days where i just wish i was on my own in the house so i can go to bed and not have to worry about anything. I still feel bad but i know my little girl is loved and happy and that is the main thing.
    Did you have a nice holiday and what was the weather like? Has your lo cut its first teeth yet? xxx
  • We had great holiday, went to the Algarve to join my Mum and Dad who were there for 3 weeks, ended up in a room next to them and they babysat most nights for me & hubby to go out although we were back in by 10pm! Nice to have a meal though just the 2 of us. Weather was lovely apart from 2 days rain. I now have a glowing chest from sun burn. I only had 2 bad days depression wise, certainly helped to get away. My lo not cut any teeth yet, just started weaning her, she is 5 1/2 months. I too had quick birth 38 mins, wonder if that got anything to do with how we feel? Luckily mine sleeps well, she back in her cot now, only been up since 8.45am after her 7am feed which hubby did so I had a lie in, lovely. My health visitor also told me that PND usually starts when you are overtired so sleep certainly helps. Well, bottles to wash for next feed so speak soon x
  • Oh im so jealous, id love a nice holiday! I must look into the link between fast labours and pnd, there could be something there.
    Have you any other holidays planned for this year?
  • well ........ we have booked to go to Turkey for 2 weeks in July but ....... My mother in law, 2 step kids aged 16 & 18 and step daughters boyfriend also going!!! My mother in law is ok but she bosses everyone around and is already telling me what to pack for the kids! I am beginning to regret saying we would all go, we have been married for 6 yrs and hubby has always wanted us to go away together as that is what he used to do with 1st wife. I always said no cos MIL gets on my nerves. Step kids don't live with us and we going for hubby's birthday so only doing it for him, keep telling myself if it doesn't work out I'm not doing it again! I think I am mad though for agreeing but at least I can escape to my room if need be with LO :?
  • Hi Shaz and Marsha, im sorry i havnt been on in a few days, Ellie is teething like mad so this is also a rushed postas she is about to go off on one.
    How are you both doing? I hope you are ok and doing well. I will definatly get on properlly tonight so i will leave a better post then. xxxxx
  • Hi guys, how are you all? Marsha i havnt seen you on in ages and i was wondering how you and the girls are?
    Shaz how are you doing today?
    I hope you are all well. thinking about you all. xxx
  • Hi ladies, hope your all well!

    I'm feeling abit more positive at the moment, i've been on anti depressants for about a week now, although they don't get into your system for a couple of weeks, i do feel better, i think its more the relief that i'm gonna be better soon and the fact that i had a good talk with the nurse who done the assessment, i was in tears the whole time but i haven't cried since!! which is brilliant! i still feel down but i'm trying to pick myself up, playing with lo more and taking better care of myself, like wearing make-up again!
    Had a good mothers day as it was also our first wedding anniversary! and hubby bought me a gorgeous ring which was a big suprise because we are supposed to be cutting back what with me being off work! so didn't think he would get anything like that, but he said he knew it would put a smile on my face! bless him, he also wrote a lovely message in the card which made me cry (happy tears this time lol)
    So all in all things are heading in the right direction, and i want to thank everyone on here who spotted that i might have pnd and urged me to go to the doctors, you've all been a huge help!! image
  • Oh Samantha, im so glad you are feeling better, you sound like you are much more positive. Glad you had a good mothers day, i did too and as it was my first it was even more special.
    Congrats on the anniversary and lucky you to get a ring! Could you get your hubby to give mine a few pointers in the right direction? Its our first anniversary soon too!
  • Hi guys, been to Docs this morning for 2 week review on anti depressants, have got a repeat prescription. Going out for tea with mum and dad later and leaving the kids with hubby at home.......sooooo looking forward to that. It is a 20 min drive to mums so will enjoy a few hours on my own. Feel a bit better these days and a bit more positive but aware bad days can come back anytime. Glad to hear you're feeling better too Sam, long may it last!

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  • Hi Shaz, im heading to a concert tonight! Cant wait, Cascada and scooter will be headlining it and there are loads of acts preforming! Im so excited! YEA!
  • Hi everyone, i havnt been on in a few days because Ellie was baptised yesterday and i was doing all the catering myself. Im totally exhausted but glad its over. Im feeling a bit low today, Ellie woke an hour earlier than usual and i wasnt in bed till 2 hours later than usual so 3 hours less sleep. Great!
    Hows everyone else doing? xxx
  • Hi Marsha, how was Brianna last night? do you give her a little calpol before bed to help her sleep with the pain?
    How are you and your mum doing now?
    When do you go home?
    Sorry for all the questions, just havnt spoke to you for ages. x
  • WE HAVE OUR OWN FORUM!!!!!!! YEA!!!!!
  • Hi i went to the doctors yesterday and she said i have now crossed over into pnd so i've got to talk to health visitor and see doc again in three thoughts even scared me so i knew i needed help.i think im an awfall person as i have even raised my voice at lo its not her fault she doesnt understand i love her so much but at the same time i just want to run away.i told oh i have pnd and i think he was shocked maybe he will help now i have asked him for help but its like hes blind to what needs doing.i hope everyone is ok.
  • hi my names danielle i have suffered with postnatel deppression for nearly a year now. when i say it out loud it makes me realise how long the road to recovery is. im much beeter than i was when my son was new born. i had panic attacks every day they were the most sceariest thing i ever experienced. my mum and parnter was very surportive to me but its hard for people to really understand what ur going threw untill they experience it. i found antideppresants helped me but it took a good few months till i felt a difference.In the beggining the  i didnt believe i would get threw this but im finally thinking positive. its been a big strain on my relationship tho trying to build it back up and i hope we get back on track. but i fell that PND should be expressed more to woman especially new mums bcos its a very hard thing to get threw but u do some how get threw it. so id like to say to all the woman that are going threw it that there is a light at the end of this tunnel and it will make u stronger xx


  • I am so glad i found this site, i went to the docs last week and she said i do have pnd. But since then i have found myself gettin more down my lo is 6 months and is visiting my partner just does not understand , he thinks that because i feel like this i must not love our baby as much and if calls me childish. I said i might start takin anti .depressants and he says ill end up addicted and won't be able to cope without them once i start. I have 0 self esteem and none of my family or friends live close. I feel like i have no one to talk to. He hasn't even given me a hug since i went to the docs or even in the last 5 months.i just want to feel like i used to .
  • hiya i am a mother of 2. its the first time i have wrote on one of these. am not to sure if i have PND or if am just finind life a little hard right now. i found being a single mum of one juggling college and a job easier the being a working mum of 2 with a supportive partner. My youngest is 6 month old and has only slept through about 3 times she wakes 2-6 times a night she doesnt want a bottle she is disturbed i have tried everythin to try to get her to sleep through the night nothing works. i started feeling low when i was on mat leave started feeling a bit emtional feeling like the simplest tasks are the hardest things to complete. i thought it was cause i need to get back to work get back to normal. i have now been back to work 3 weeks and i feel like am feeling lower and lower each week my partner is trying everythin to try help me but nothing is lifting my mood (even as i am writing this am crying lol) and i cant tell you one solid reason as to why i keep getting emotional all i can say is that everyhin is getting me down. 
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