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mum thinks i have pnd, do i ?


my mum visited me the night before last, i see her every day as i like getting out and about with the baby. she suggested i may have pnd, this is something i've thought about for a while. we had an horrendous 12 weeks with tyler when he had colic and reflux, one of us slept downstairs with him and the other upstairs, we did 4 hours a night each. i dont think i'm coping very well, although the nights are better now i feel as though i have a very short fuse with most people, i spend most days alone with baby apart from visiting my parents or when hubs is home from work, most days i'm boardering between tears and anger which isn't me. mum says i've changed beyond all recognition and no longer feel like myself. I can cry easily when asked anything about the baby, even just typing this makes me cry. Is it still hormones or could it be PND ?



  • Hi Sarah - I am going through exactly the same as you and yes I believe it is mild PND. I am very teary, lonely and anxious all the time and went to the docs last week. he gave me anti depressents which I have now started to take. Think you should speak to your GP and see what they say. Our LO has bad reflux and this I think has tipped me over the edge as felt I was coping fine before - so nothing to be ashamed of. Let me know if you need to talk as I could do with someone to talk to as well !. S XX
  • Hi

    If i can work out how to enable my email button, feel free to email me. Be nice to talk to someone going through the same thing.

  • Hi sarah - I have emailed you - no idea if it works though !! Let me know. S XX
  • Hi I'm feeling very similar at the minute. My lo is 8 weeks and I have lost all patience I also have a 2 yr old (suffered pnd after him too) and I find myself shouting at him over nothing which makes me feel guilty and sets off the tears. I just sit crying most of the day and hate it. I spoke to my hv about it and she suggested I g to the docs but I don't really want to take anti-d's again. I'm hoping that by recognising the signs early on I can drag myself out of it. Have actually managed to have a tear free day today so feeling very proud of myself. x
  • i have jst been diagnosed with PND and i feel exactly how u have described yourself. i have a short fuse atm and i feel so guilty wen i shout at my DD (6yrs old) for no reason at all. i am constantly crying and it really dnt take much for it to happen.

    anyways, i hope u find the help u need image
  • Hi Ladies

    Thanks for your responses, i've been taking the drops prescribed by my mum (when i remember) and I think they are making to gradual difference. Nothing seems so bad when my OH is home from work, I think some of my issues are lonlieness as we spend alot of time just me and bubs which i'm sure is true of most us mums. I love my son to distraction but the slightest little thing can get me in tears, I have to have a scan on Tuesday because i'm still having problems from my c section, and this coupled with bad days can have me in tears very easily. I've chosen not to go to the doctors as i've worked through an anxiety disorder in the past using alternative therapy, hopefully I can do it through this aswell.

  • have spent all of today crying and feeling exactly how you have described! my bub 2mnths old and hubby away monday to friday hope you start to feel better soon.........xx
  • Girls.. sorry to G/C but I can so so relate to everything you're saying. How did you approach the subject with your doctor????? I have seen my doctor LOADS because Ollie has a milk allergy and reflux so has to take a shedload of medications etc and every time I see her and she asks how I am, I always just reply with a breezy "fine" when really I'm screaming inside!!!

    MY problem is I can't stand for anyone to think that I can't cope when in reality, I am really not coping! My husband is in the forces and has just gone away for 6 months and I don't think I have had a tear free day since then!

    What on earth do I do?? I am sat sobbing as I'm typing this because today is the first day that I have ever come onto the PND thread because I've always thought that if I don't confront it then it can't be happening to me....
  • Hi ladies
    I also feel like this and in a way it's quite comforting to know I'm not alone.

    Sarah - you sound exactly like I do and I've been diagnosed with it. I too feel like a completely different person, I'm snappy and so irritable which isn't like me at all.

    It's such a horrid feeling but we WILL get through it and we'll be here for each other xxx
  • this is how i am feeling. my daughter is 13months old.are all your bbies still quite young? xx
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