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Baby blues on day 17?


I gave birth to my second child, a little boy, 2 1/2 weeks ago and all has been going well. I felt a bit teary on day 3 when my milk came in but apart from that I have felt great.

When I had my daughter (now 2) I struggled for a long time afterwards mainly due to trying to be "supermum" and also because I like to be in control and had trouble conceding that maybe I had to compromise a bit and go with the flow. This time round I have been taking things a lot easier and just letting him take the lead and enjoying having him.

Today howver I have felt really rubbish, I am crying at nothing or really stupid things. I cried all the way home from the supermarket because some woman yelled at her kid and made him cry (for all I know he may have desrved it). Then I look at my kids and cry because I love them so much and now I'm crying writing this.

Looking back I think I probably did have PND after my daugheter was born although I never got help for it as l aways insisted that I was fine but this doesn't feel the same. I don't feel hopeless or like I can't cope although I do feel a bit overwhelmed sometimes but I just can't stop crying today.

Could this just be a bit of the baby blues and hormones even after 2 1/2 weeks? I've been okay until now.

Wendy and Sebatian (17 days old)


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    It could be baby blues or just feeling tired; hormones take a while to settle. To diagnose PND i was told you need to have symptoms over a longer length of time (about two weeks) so if it doesn't pass do see someone.

    Good luck maybe tommorrow will be less teary! x x
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