I've been diagnosed with PND too

Hi ladies

I bumped into my health visitor yesterday as she was visiting a neighbour who had her baby recently and she was asking about my little boy, just general questions really, how hes eating, sleeping etc, well i just broke down in front of her. We have been having a tough time of it lately, hes been really stressing me and my husband out not eating his food and moaning a lot.

However just over the last few months things have really got to me much more than they used to, i have really bad mood swings, short temper and I just haven't been feeling like myself and now its affecting my relationship with my husband. I told my health visitor how i was feeling through lots of tears and she suggested i may have PND and to go to the doctors.

I went this morning and was diagnosed with PND and now i'm on anti depressants and i've been referred to a consultant. My son is 7 months old and the problems that i'm having have been going on for some time. I'm finding this really hard to deal with at the mo as i have always been in control of everything and now i don't feel in control of anything anymore. My husband or my close family don't really understand what i'm going through and this is why i'm posting in this forum as i know there are people here who know what i'm going through.

Thanks for reading


  • Was just going to email you Aerobubbles but I don't think you have email enabled on your profile. If you enable it i'll message you, reading what you've written is exactly like me so you're not alone. My little one is 9 months now xxxxx
  • Hi Sapphire

    Thanks for your reply. I've enabled my email, look forward to hearing from you

  • Hi hon. Sending you hugs. I totally understand how you feel. It sounds just like how things were for me when I was first diagnosed. Just remember that you're not alone, it's not your fault, you're not a failure and you are a good mum. You will feel like your old self again too. Once the meds are working you'll know you're going in the right direction and the number of good days will eventually outnumber the bad - they really will!!

    Do you think that giving some information on PND to your family might help them to understand what you're going through and how to support you better? Sah xx
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