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Been told I've got PND- embarrised...

Hi girls,
I have just been diagnosed with PND... And
although I feel relieved that I have an answer
for what's happening to me
I am sooo embarrised and don't want anyone
to know.. I am ashamed to admit that I have this.

I have a high powered job and dealt with stress
everyday... And have always been the strongest person
in the family- so there is no way I can tell anyone

I'm pushing my friends away as have isolated
myself but I just can't tell them what's wrong.again
I am the strongest amoungst them too..

Has anyone else kept it quiet??


  • hi yes i kept quiet for 18 months i had a beautiful baby girl in september 2006 she was very much wanted i knew somthing wasnt right i was always crying shouting at my husband and pushing everyone away after 18 months i couldnt take anymore and broke down at my doctors, she said it was depression because it was so long after my little girl
    i was put on tablets and felt great.
    i was adamant i didnt want anymore children as i was so scared of feeling like that again
    but after nearly 4 years we are trying for baby number 2 as i would knbow wat to look out for again.
    just remember you are not a machine just try and enjoy being a mum and time you feel low just ask for help.
    dont be embarrsed, although you do feel like it.
    i wish you all the luck and stay strong if you need a chat and time please feel free to email me
    take care donna
  • Don't worry, it's normal to feel emabarresed, I did at first. I was diagnosed In September 2007 and was on tablets until August 2008. It is hard for other people to understand too. I have been going to a group session run by a lady who has had PND twice and it has really helped me. I think it's easier to talk to someone who has experienced similar feelings. It was so difficult for me to explain to my family and friends exactly how I was feeling.

    Donna - I was in the same mindset as you. We have always wanted 2 children but there has always been a little doubt at the back of my mind. We have been trying for number 2 for over 9 months and I am now 12 weeks pregnant. I will be honest, there is a little voice in the back of my head, but this time, I know what to look out for and I beat it last time - so if need be, I can beat it again. My doctor and midwife have been brilliant. I have been flagged up as a high risk pregnancy and will be keeping a close eye on me.

    If I can help in anyway - just shout! X
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