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PND at 11 months

Hi, this is the first time i have posted in this forum. I was diagnosed with PND in febuary (i think) when LO was 5months, i was offered councelling which i tried but just couldnt get on with.

Since then i have been 'trying' to manage it myself but im finding it harder and harder. I seem to be having more low days than good days and spend anytime im at home crying. i know should get out as i always fill better but i just cant and just dont want to face anyone.

Is this unusal to have PND this long? Should i go back to GP? Sorry i just dont know what to do and dnt feel comfortable talking to friends or OH about it.



  • Hi StephS

    Sorry you are feeling like this.

    I was diagnosed with PND when my lo was 8 month old (he's 10 months now) and its not unusual to have PND for this long. I would go back to your doctor as the way you describe how your feeling sounds like your having a pretty rough time. I don't know how you feel about taking medication to help you but I would recommend talking it through with your doctor, also why not try giving the counselling another go with the medication?

    Good luck and let me know how you get on

  • Hi hun, I would also go back to your GP, I was just diagnosed 2 months ago and my lo is 9 months but they think that I ahve had it a while and now its just deciding to come out and show itself. My HV has arranged 4 listening sessions, she comes out every week and lets me talk for an hour about the things that are bothering me etc.... it isnt actually counselling, its me getting to rant and she said if this doesnt work along with the meds that they will try counselling then but she was out yesterday and I talked about everything and it does help.
  • Hiya Steph,

    I would definitely go back to your GP.
    Just today I've been diagnosed with PND and my LO has just turned 1yr old! I've been given fluoxetine tablets to help me. For ages I've been trying to 'manage' it myself too but just recently things have got on top of me; really busy at work and short staffed so proper stressed plus my mum is really ill in hospital and it just brought it all to a head. I'd been in denial for months about it, despite my hubby keep asking me to go to the Dr as he wanted the old me back but I felt that by admitting I had a problem was admitting defeat. A visit from my HV today gave me the kick up the bum I needed and I do feel tons better for speaking to someone about it, both her and my GP. My advice is see your GP asap.

    Hope things work out for you and don't forget you can always pop on here for support.

    Shell xx
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