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I need a diagnosis!

Hi all,

I want to know if anyone else ever feels like this and is it PND or do you think I've just got anger issues?

My lo is 4 months now and I've struggled since he was born. When he cries for a feed, and I can't make the bottle quick enough, he gets hysterical, and I have a mini breakdown everytime. I cannot cope with him crying, I start to bang things around the room as my temper rises, then I scream at him, then I break down crying because I've just shouted at my helpless, hungry 4 month old. I feel like a terrible mother, my temper escalates so so quickly sometimes I scare myself. I get so angry with his cries that sometimes I feel like slapping him but I know I never would. I really do love him very very much but I just seem to completely crumble at the simplest of tasks whereas my oh is so calm and so patient, he gets annoyed at me because i get angry so quickly.

I dont know whether this is PND or something else because I also lack confidence and feel very anxious when I meet people in the street, I'd rather put my head down and pretend I didnt see them. I've always been like this so what do you think it is? I'd love to change but don't know how.


  • ur NOT a terrible mother it cant be helped feeling like this i havent got PND but my cousion has got it and has got anti depress tablets and makes her feel better x try talking to ur doctor,health vis, friends or even family no 1 will think any different of u honey ! let me no wat u decide to do xxx
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