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Don't really know where to start
I have a niggling feeling I may have a bit of PND
I had major anxiety when I first took my gorgeous baby home who I bonded with immediately and I adore so much (which makes me questin whether I have PND or not) that lasted about 2 and a half to 3 months. He is now 4 months old and I am still loving being a mum but I just don't quite feel like myself. I feel isolated and my mood feels low, not all the time but at some point everyday. I am usually a very happy confident person so this is why I want to start enquiring. I had a very long labour and got to 9 cms after 30 odd hours, then had a emergency c section which I had a panic attack just before (my first ever). I am keen to get back to normal
Can anyone give me some suggestions, will speak to my HV today I think


  • Hi Hun - if your mood is low more days than it's up it's possible you have PND, like "normal" depression there are different severities of PND. Like you I love being a mum and can't pit onto words how much I adore my gorgeous daughter but I was diagnosed with PND a couple of weeks ago and put on low level antidepressants I'm feeling so much better no. Beforehand I was prone to bursting into tears O'd be sitting with my daughter playing or singing and inexplicably start crying but since my tablets kicked in I haven't had this. Medication isn't for everyone but it's definately worthwhile seeing someone to discuss your feelings and options your HV is a good place to start . Hope you feel better soon xx
  • i've just been diagnosed too. i too questioned it as i thought people that had pnd felt guilt and anger towards their baby but i don't. i love him more than anything and would do anything for him. but i'm terribly tearful and have pushed away most of my friends away and i totally don't like being around my in laws which is very strange as always had a good relationship with them.

    i've lost my confidence and always have feelings that i'm going to drop my baby so don't carry him around outside. i've been on tanlets now for 2 weeks and slowly i'm beginning to feel better.

    hubby has been really supportive but i haven't told anyone else other than my health visitor. i've been very good at hiding it. hubby understands that i didn't want anyone else to know.

    hope your feeling better soon hun

    anna and riley 12weeks old xx
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