Extreme anger - PND??

Anyone suffering with PND suffer with extreme anger? I am certain I've got PND and besides the constant crying my worst symptom is that I feel wound up 24hrs a day - like I'm just waiting for the thing thats going to make me snap? And it could be absolutely anything that does it, even my oldest dd just asking me a question.

I had 2 miscarriages after my 1st dd, then 4th pregnancy was a nightmare (severe pre-eclampsia, prem baby) and although we are all ok now I feel like my life has never been so bad. Now think its a pile up of emotions of everything from the last 3yrs.

Sound familiar to anyone?


  • i havent had this side of pnd but my sister has. she said the kids could do the simplest of things like "being children" and my sister would blow up at them. her husband said it was like living with a different woman when she started her tablets and she said she was able to deal with the kids being kids and not let it get to her so much.
    i would have a chat with either doc or hv and see what help they could give you. Take care love fiona
  • I was the same and as soon as I spoke to my doctor and went on tablets I was fine, she said my body needs time to get back to normal and the tablets will help until I am ready! Hope you feel better soon.
  • Yes I suffer with anger problems too. I was diagnosed with PND when lo was 3 months old and she is now 16 months old!! I have been through counseling but have never taken any meds as I have had bad experiences with them in the past.

    In the early days of the PND I would feel wound up all the time, like I was bubbling with emotion and it was ready to burst out of me at any second. The problem was that usually when it did burst out was anger directed towards my husband. It has got a bit better and I don't feel quite like that all the time but I often just feel generally pissed off with people. I don't know why, most of the time they haven't done anything to annoy me but I just can't stop it.

    Along with the PND my counsellor concluded that I was stuck in a phase of bereavement after loosing my Dad. She told me that anger was a natural part of grieving but I was stuck in this phase and couldn't let it go. Unfortunately she didn't really advise as to how I can get out of this phase and so I am still trying to cope.

    After a major blow up with my husband a few weeks ago, I realised that this really isn't me and I need more help. I am thinking about going back to the doctors for the meds as I can't think of any other option. I don't really have a lot of support from my family and friends with my PND and so I am not really sure what other options I have.

    Have you been diagnosed with PND? You should talk to your doctor about how you are feeling. There is help out there, unfortunately it can be hard to find sometimes!!

    Let us know how you are getting on.

  • Thanks Swizzle - nice to know someone else feels like this.
    I've been having 'listening visits' which helps a lot but I'm thinking i need to see my GP about tablets because the listening thing works but not for long.
    My husband is usually on the receiving end of my anger but I'm also taking it out on my little girls whos 33 months, then that makes me feel even worse.
    Who said being a mum was easy eh? lol
  • Hope you get some help. If your doctor says there is nothing wrong with you speak to a health visitor - or just 'let it out' when you speak to GP, you'll feel better for it straight away.
    Its been nearly 2mths since I admitted to myself I have PND and listening visits have helped but I've just collected a prescription today for tablets.
    Dreading taking them but I need to do something because I'm not improving.
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