Just been diagnosed.....finally :cry:

Hello Mummies (and babies)
I'll just quickly introduce myself if I may.......I'm Kelly and I have a 7 month old DD. I've been using BE since TTC and have made some lovely "virtual" friends.

Anyway I finally took the plunge a couple of weeks ago to see my GP about my constant crying, irritability, lack of sleep, sheer exhaustion, horrid black cloud feeling etc and he diagnosed me with PND. I was offered anti depressants but refused, at that point, because I felt like it was admitting defeat if that makes sense? However I'm thinking I may go back to see about going on them.
For those taking them have you noticed a difference? How soon?

The Dr seems certain (I think the same) that my PND stems from my terrible birth recovery. I had an episiotomy done and they stitched me too far apart, I've had no end of problems and have to now have rectal surgery as it's damaged me internally. I've suffered horrendous pain and this is what I think was the cause.

I'm a fiercly strong woman usually, I'm happily married and our baby was very much longed for so from the outside looking in I have a lovely life. I cannot, and haven't, spoken with my real life friends about it. My close family know but not quite how low I do feel about things. There's only my husband I have that I can talk to but even that's hard sometimes. We have our own business and he works 12 hours a day 7 days a week so I'm on my own quite a bit.
Hence why I thought I would come onto this forum and see if you ladies wouldn't mind me talking to you.
I hope I can also offer you support xxx


  • Hi
    I'm g/c at the mo but have a lot of symptoms of PND but due to my area of work I don't want to see G.P etc but anyway wanted to say that like u I believe I am a strong woman baby is longed for and I have a great life. I think the drastic change a baby brings to our lives is something we can never dream of. The highs are high but the lows are low eg yr epsiotomy, my c-sec !!!My hubby works shifts and I often find mytself alone with 8 month old but I too work and so work opposite to my hubby. I have bad anger and tearfulness a lot more at the mo.
    I do belive in anti-d's (I am a mental health nurse) but would not take them as I am going for promotion at work and I really want it and can handle it and its the only area of my life that I can control if that makes sense( so I prob haven't got severe PND)
    I think that if you do feel so low anti-d's ill help and you won't take them forever so its worth considering !!
    Sorry if I've waffled and not helped. just wanted to let you know yr not alone xx
  • Kelly..... you daft bugger, you know you can message me anytime on FB! I am so sorry that I haven't been around for a while but after being on the anti-d's it seems like I have a second chance with Ollie so I'm making the most of these sunny days and going out most days!

    How are things going now? (just seen the date that you posted this!) have you finally succumbed to the loopy pills (makes me feel slightly better referring to them in a jokey way rather than a 'doom and gloom' anti depressant kinda way... if that makes sense??!) xxx
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