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is this pnd?? so miserable

hi ladies,
I was wondering if any of you can help me? I'm feeling so down and have been for quite a while. I've got a ds who'snearly 3 a dd at 1 and im expecting my 3rd. I've always had some form of depression, as it runs in my family but its got so much worse now. I've been through so much stress since i first got pregnant with my son and i feel like i've not had any time to sit down and reflect. My oh although he's supportive in alot of ways just keeps shouting at me that i need to get my head sorted out, because i'm in a bad mood when he comes home from work (which is usually after 10pm) I feel like i cant breath some times because i get my self so worked up and angry. I don't really have anyone to help as my mums disabled and ive only got my 2 brothers who arent very experienced with kids. My mil is helpfull but my oh complains when he has to ask her to have the kids for me. He doesnt understand that shes not my mum so i dont fel right asking things of her. Anyway, i'm feeling so low now after another arguement with oh and him telling me im not right in the head i've told him to move out. Anyway sorry for the rant i was just wondering if you thought this sonds like pnd??
Any help would be much appreciated x x:\?


  • I'd say you need to speak to your midwife, I've been diagnosed recently and through having listening visits we've decided that I've probably had PND for almost 3yrs since dd#1 was born but coz of being a woman we just 'get on' even I hadn't realised.
    Feel free to e-mail me if you just want to rant - know how you feel.
    And for some reason you're lucky to get replies on here xx
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