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Was anyone diagnosed later at 9 months?

My lo is 9 months and I felt a massive change in me when dd was about 6 months, I just hit this lo point and I didnt have it in me to go to the doctor, I was so afraid of them taking dd off me if I told them how I felt.
Anyway today I finally bit the bullet, I went in and told the doctor how I was feeling, I told her about Olivia's colic and relfux which is only starting to settle, that she had such an awful temper on her and as much as I loved her I really resented her, she thinks that part of it is linked to my under-active thyroid but she looked back over my notes and she asked me about my abnormal smear a few months ago and I told her I had a biopsy and had cells burned away and then she asked me about my episotomy and I told her I am still waiting on my date for my surgery for that to be sorted and she said you have dealt with all this and the baby she looked at my eyes and told me that I just looked completely worn down and that all these illnesses etc.. are from being exhausted and emotionally drained and she said she could completly understand, she wants me to come in for blood tests next week and then she wants to see me in 3-4 weeks after trying the tablets for a few weeks and she wants to double my thyroid medication and then she also wants me to speak to my HV who she is going to get to contact me, she thinks I need a little counselling.
I am so glad to finally say it aloud to someone other than my hubby!
Just wondering was anyone else diagnosed with PND this late on and how did you find it after you started treatment?


  • Hi hun

    Wow you really have had a lot to deal with and to be honest, i'm not surprised you feel the way you do.

    I was diagnosed with PND when my lo was 8 months old, it got to the point where I didn't think I could feel any worse so I just had to get help, I did think I was suffering from PND before I was diagnosed but to me it was like admitting I was failing as a mother and that I was a bad person, only I now wish I had gone to the doctor earlier. I am taking anti d's and receiving psycotherapy counselling. I am slowly starting to feel a little better about things but I feel there is still a long way to go before I feel 'myself' again.

    It is hard for your hubbie to understand how you feel as it is with anyone who hasn't experienced depression of any kind. Just remember you are doing the best you can for your lo and you are a good mummy. You should take up any offer of help ie: medication and counselling as it really helps it might just take some time.

    If you need to chat, you can send me a message but for now take care

  • Thanks so much!! That's how I felt, I knew from when lo was 6 months that I had pnd but I didnt want to go, I admitted it to my mum and hubby but I just didnt want to go the doctor incase they saw me as a complete failure as a mum. I had these thoughts that maybe they would take her away from me and I knew that it was irrational to think this, but I already feel better for getting it out of me! I think I will benefit from the counselling.
  • Hiya Rosapenny,

    You may have seen my other post - I've just been diagnosed with PND today and my LO has just turned 1yr old.

    I've had it for ages now but just wouldn't admit it. Hubby had been on at me for ages to go and see the Dr and would leave my laptop open on websites advising about PND, bless him. I felt same as you, if I admitted it then I'd be seen as a failure as a mum. I've always felt self-conscious that people are judging me as a mother all the time and I've been pretty run down. I had shingles back in January and I've got geographic tongue (it honestly is a true ailment, lol) which is thought to be linked to stress. Plus I've had to have several ECG's as I've had a dodgy ticker. It turned out to be something minor and nothing to worry about but when you're feeling down everything seems so amplified and so much worse.

    My new HV (I've just been reassigned as catchment areas have changed) came today for Alfie's 12month check and she picked up on me being down and I just broke down completely. She's mad because I never had a 6month check when I should've plus as I scored high on the Edinburgh PND Scale when I did it when Alfie was a few wk old she said it should've been followed up but it never was. She was absolutely lovely and I instantly felt better after chatting to her. She fired me straight off to the Dr who luckily was able to fit me in today. I was offered counselling which I've declined as I just don't have the time as I'm so busy at work plus my HV has said she's going to pop round every couple of wk for a chat so I see that as counselling in a way. I'm now on medication; fluoxetine which take about 2wk to work and you have to take them for 6 months.
    I actually feel a lot better now after finally biting the bullet and getting it sorted. Hopefully now the only way is up image

    Shell xx
  • Hi Shell,

    Your post has really made so much sense to me, this is how I was feeling for so long, I went to my 6 week check and the Edinburgh Scale wasn't done, she didnt even check my stitches and told me to be careful because after a bottle of wine hubby and I may want another baby, I cant help thinking that if she had done her job so much could have been prevented, I had 3 infections on my lady bits by christmas and was so ill. My gp has been fantastic as has my HV who phones once a week to make sure I am ok and ask if I want to see her, the doctor has prescribed citalopram for the next 6 months and I am on them now just over a month and already so many people have seen a huge difference in my mood and attitude and hubby says that he finds me more relaxed and happy and this has had an affect on dd as well, her tantrums have eased and she is a much more contented baby so I think she must have been picking up on my moods as well. I keep saying to myself its just going to take time to get better but I will get there.

    Thank you so much for posting xxx
  • Hiya Roslyn,

    Glad to hear your medication is helping you. I think it's right what you say about babies picking up on your moods. I've been on my now for just over a week so still waiting to see any effect.

    I have taken a bit of a nosedive though as I found out last week that my mum has been diagnosed with inoperable cancer and has been given just months to live. I just feel numb at the moment. I started off upset at first but now I'm just angry as mum has had abdominal pain for 2 years. She was told it was IBS that was linked to stress and that the pain was all in her head and she was sent for cognitive behavioural therapy. Consequently that didn't work and not until she dropped a ton of weight, down to 8stone and turned yellow, did they finally admit her to hospital. They then told her she had cancer on her pancreas and couldn't operate. Mum didn't tell us until after my LO's 1st birthday and my dad's birthday (21st & 22nd Aug). Only now it's that far advanced they can't do anything and I can't help but think had they not fobbed her off for 2 years would we still be in this situation?? She so weak at the moment and still dropping weight; her wedding rings keep falling off yet she's being so brave whilst I'm just a mess! I feel so useless. Alfie, my LO though, has been quite good and keeps giving me big hugs. I'm not sure if he knows his mummy is upset or whether he's just being clingy 'cos he's teething. Either way it helps!

    I've got to go back to my Dr next week and my HV is coming back round next week to check up on me. Neither of them know about my mum yet. I just hope these tablets kick in soon. Sorry I've kind of strayed from your original topic.

    Shell xx
  • Oh Shell, I am so sorry about your mum, my mum was diagnosed with cancer two years ago but it was treatable and I completly fell apart so I can only imagine how you are feeling, I hate that some doctors just completly fob people off, they should investigate. You need to let your HV know what is going on because this is going to be a difficult period for you and the added stress wont help, I am sure that your mum wants to see a happy and healthy daughter.
    I am here anytime you want to talk or rant because you will need it, much love to you and all your family during this difficult time xxxx

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