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bedtime has become a nightmare and i sont htink i can cope

Hi ther

Up until last sat my 2yr old lo would go to bed no problem. She would have a bath, bottle and go into her cot bed and fall asleep herself.

Now it is a fight for a bath she wouldnt go into her cotbed and i ended up taking her inmy bed.

We bought her a toddler bed which i'm waiting on delivery for. She just crys and crys and i give in and either let her up to play for a while or jsut go into my bed with her (which i know goes against what everyone says.)

I have just managed to come off my meds for pnd and was coping well considering my mum had a heart attack and i found out my dad has terminal cancer.
i dont think i can sope anymore, i just cried and cried lastnight.
will it get any better, does any one else take their lo into bed.

i'm hoping having a big girl bed will help

Sorry for rambling but just needed to write it down


  • I dont know if I can help much with the bed issue I'm afraid. It sounds really unlucky that your girl is having this stage just as you've come off your meds.

    My eldest did have night terrors regularly for years and I found it really hard to leave her and would comfort her until she felt better. BUt they only stopped when I stopped going in. I did this in stages over a few days. I explained to her before bed that if she woke I wasnt going to come in but I would be just outside her door. I just sat outside and talked to her. Then gradually I would leave her earlier and earlier and fortunately now she has them very rarely and then only if something has upset her in the day.

    Not sure if this would help with a 2 year old but as hard as it is giving them less attention really does work.

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