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I think ive got ante natal depression

THere i have said it

and ironically this is the first pg where i have nothing to worry about. in my first successful pg i was high risk and my dh fell ill, in my second i was in a car crash and my mum was ill, but this time touch wood everything else is fine but i feel so very sad.

ive got no get up and go, my house is a tip which is driving me insane but ive got no inclination to sort it out. I still do all the groups etc for the boys but thats coz its for them

dont know what to do



  • Hi hun although i can't really help, i can sympathise. I feel exactly the same. The house is getting me down, although its pretty much tidy,it just seems none stop and i really just dont want to do it! I go on up and down days. It was my oh who suggested i had it(although ive never been diagnosed) i can go days or even weeks feeling fine and then i just feel so miserable and angry at anyone and anything. Thing is and i'm sure you'll agree when you feel like this everyhting is a million times harder to deal with and the kids pick up on it and become naughtier and more clingy. Try speaking to your gp, but more than anything talk about it, it will defianlely make you feel better x x
  • Hi Hun

    I have PND and feel exactly the same as you. I was diagnosed in March and i am on anti depressants. I know what you mean about the house... i get more stressed if its not the way i like it, but i have to force myself now as i cant be bothered image
    I have only been on the pills for a week and a half so theyve not kicked in yet but hoping they make a big difference to how im feeling.
    Definately speak to your doctor hun, it does help.
    Good luck.
    Sharon x
  • oh DB im really sorry that you are feeling like this. I have PND and if I think back I think that i had ante-natel depression as i would suffer from huge anxiety attacks and worry about my little girl. Please tell your midwife or GP. Try to push it though as I know i mentioned the anxiety alot and because i kept seeing different midwifes no one took notice of it. I feel that if it had been helped then, then i may not feel so bad now. Please take care, if you ever want to chat you can always message me. I find it helpful to chat and chat sometimes to another mum from babyexpert that has PND. Its good to chat because we all seem to have similar stories which does help to make you feel better.
    Mrs Johnstone i really sorry you have PND i remember you from the due in Jan forums as we were due around the same time. Its a horrid illness to have, I would not wish it on anyone.
    Take care everyone xxxx
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