Having a bad day

Can I have a bit of a moan please?

I'm having a bad day, I've been trying to fight off my pnd with exercise and getting lots of daylight, but today I'm stuck in the house waiting for some guy to come and look at our broken shower and I feel like I've gone right back to square one. The baby is cranky, the toddler is chattering at me non stop and I have such a headache I just want to go and lie in a dark room. Hubby is working until god knows when tonight so it's just me and the kids.

I was cheered by the fact that we could be getting a holiday soon but it turns out that hubby may not be able to get the time off work because he works for a small company and the boss's son probably has off the very week that we need for our hol - the only one that we can get use of my family's timeshare and cheap flights.

I've already screamed at the baby because he wouldn't stop screaming and shouted at the toddler for no good reason too. I feel like the worst mother in the world.

I've finally admitted defeat and called the gp but can't get an appointment until next monday - i may have cracked up by then.


  • Hi MrsC06, I'm home all day with a poorly toddler today and was browsing the forums when I saw your post. I was only thinking of you earlier and wondered how you are getting on!

    Its hard when your stuck in all day, esp on grey days like this!

    I'm glad you've made appt at gp's and its good you're getting some exercise and fresh air, it will help.

    Its disgraceful you can't get an appt til Monday!!! Just hang on in there today adn hopefully you can keep yourself busy the rest of the week until Monday comes!! I also hope the holiday comes off!! I'll keep my fingers crossed.

    You're not the worst mother at all!! I screamed at lo when I wasn't coping too and even tho we feel retched after they seem to forget about it instantly. give them both big hugs and tell them mummy loves them!!

    You'll get there honey, and there's support on here for you anytime.

    let me know how you get on

    Claire xx
  • Thank you so much for the reply.

    The holiday is booked so it's really good to have something to look forward to. And the rest of the week should be busy organising ds1's birthday which is this weekend.

    Just got to take it a day at a time I guess.

    Thanks for listening to my moan though, I appreciate it.
  • Sorry you're feeling down hun - its so hard when you're stuck in the house. Glad you got your holiday booked where is the timeshare? Good luck with the Drs next week x
  • Thanks. It's in the Costa Del Sol - a bit of sunshine will help no end I'm sure!
  • So jealous! I'm sure a nice sunny holiday will do you the world of good x
  • Hey MrsC06,

    I've been a bit rubbish this week, I asked how you were doing on your thread in baby then didn't get round to replying.

    I'm glad you've got the doctor appointment, I hope you find it helps.

    Well done on booking the holiday, I'm jealous! We're collecting the sun tokens to do the cheapy holiday - not quite the sunny costa del sol but a change of scenery will be nice for us all.

    Hope you have a good weekend hun, feel free to come on and moan at us anytime you like we don't mind image

    Let us know how your appointment goes on Monday

  • Hi there I empathize with you I know how you feel recently I am able to cope much better with the baby it is so much harder than I though especially cause I am new to a country dont know where much is and getting around when my hubby goes out is challenging in the snow and all-I do feel better when I get out I was on pills in the beginning but things are much better and I am off them believe me I have to really train myself to look at the bright side of things. Just want u to know u r not alone
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