Will medication help this?

I went to the dr on Monday and he gave me beta blockers to deal with the anxiety and panic attacks but because I'm bf he hasn't yet found an antidepressant I can take.

My biggest problem which I guess is related to the pnd is my feelings towards my eldest child. I thought that when you have a second baby you have enough love for both kids but that doesn't seem to have happened to me and I'm ashamed to say that I've transferred all the love I had for my first child to my second and I have no time at all for the first. I'm contemplating running away and just taking the baby. My poor little boy is only 3 but very clever and he is picking up how I feel about him and of course it's making him act up even more which is making me resent him more and so it continues. Is this a symptom of pnd and will medication fix it? I used to love ds1 more than life itself and those feelings seem to have vanished.


  • Oh hun,

    I'm so sorry you're still struggling.

    It's definitely the PND making you have these thoughts and feelings. I can't share any relevant experience with you on this as I only have 1 daughter but I do worry about when we try for number 2 how on earth I could love the 2nd as much as I currently love my daughter. I would say feelings like this are not unusual, but I think it is important to make sure you speak to your doctor again about it to stop things getting worse for you all.

    I'm not sure about your doctor being unable to prescribe anti-depressants while breastfeeding though? Obviously I'm not a doctor, but I thought Sertraline (I am now on these) was a safe one to take while breastfeeding? I believe a small amount would get to your baby through the milk, but if it is prescribable then it would be considered 'safe enough' and it's a decision you will have to make that you're happy with it.

    From what you've said, I would say it is important to get more help hun. Go see a different doctor if you can to speak about your options of medication.

    Be strong hun, things will get better.

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