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:cry: cancer

I found out yesterday that my mum has breast cancer - she 1st went to see the Dr at the start of December about a swelling after being punched on the breast at work. Since then she and my Dad have been back and forth to the hospital for tests. In the last couple of weeks its been confirmed as cancer. They say that its been caught early and there doesn't seem to be any secondary sites. Mum didn't want to tell us and couldn't find a way to break the news so my dad visited me and my brother and sister yesterday - I feel sad that they have beenkeeping this to themselves for so long.

I know prognosis is good these days but I am so scared. If the worst happened Aila is too young to ever remember her granny


  • im so sorry to hear you've had such bad news about your lovely mum, im afraid i dont know anything about breast cancer but didnt want to read and run. This must be so tough for you and all your family.

    It sounds like the best possible scenario despite it being terrible news. Be strong for your mum and give her all the love in the world. She'll take strength from that. x
  • Didn't want to R&R just wanted to offer you my sympathy
  • Oh LMM I'm so sorry. You're right, the prognosis is good these days and it sounds as if they've caught it early? To be honest I don't have any personal experience of cancer, but I believe that as hard as it is, a positive attitude will help you all through it.

    Be strong hun and I'm sure your mum will be enjoying Aila all the more given what she's going through, she will bring happiness to you all at a difficult time.

    Feel free to come on to 'chat' if you need the release. Take care

  • sorry, not been on here as much. Just replied to the message you sent me before reading this. Sorry to hear about your mum. Like MummyAnon says, I bet Aila is huge source of happiness for your mum.

    Caught early the outlook these days is very good. Do you know what treatment she'll be having? I hope they look after her well, and she gets through her treatment and into remission quickly.

  • Oh no DM image Cancer can be a terrible thing, but like you say, the prognosis looks good, so try to focus on that, easier said than done I realise. Some very brilliant advice above, I don't feel it needs adding to. Always look on the bright side of life - & we'll be a listening ear over in BIJ should you need it. Thinking of you xxxx
  • Thanks girls - my mum has just started Hormone Therapy today- The drs seem really happy with all her tests and we're all glad that she won't need more aggresive treatment - it can only be a good sign.

    Love4pip I'm sorry about your auntie and thankyou for sharing your story - if I feel I need to chat I'll message you.
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